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Recipes for a Great Florida Vacation

A recipe for a great Florida vacation is not just the trip itself.

What's better than "just" a visit to Florida? How about tantalizing your taste buds with delectable desserts? Savoring the flavor of fresh seafood grilled over a fire? Relaxing in the evening after being pleasantly full with down-home Florida cooking?

Can't make it to Florida anytime in the near future? Or maybe you have a trip planned? Any way you look at it, these recipes bring a little bit of the Sunshine State home with you.

Food! More Food! And Where are the Recipes!

I've had some requests to publish some yummy Florida-style recipes. Entrees, cakes, pies, appetizers....I can go on and on and on. But you know what the hard part is? Choosing the recipes that will tempt you to try them. I gave up trying to decide, so I'll just list you some of my very favorites.

Dessert Recipes

Entree Recipes

Side Dish Recipe

More Key Limes!

You love key limes, and I love key limes. And you know, I have had requests for more recipes - not just a standard pie.

Did I ever have fun coming up with some! Can you believe key lime chocolate chip cookies? A key lime brownie pie? Key lime smoothies?

Intrigued? Click here for Key Lime Heaven, and you'll never look at a key lime pie the same way again! (By the way, the link opens in a separate window.)


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