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Florida Vacation Articles

A Florida vacation site wouldn't be complete (I think) without extra information about Florida. And it also wouldn't be complete without additional travel ideas for your Florida vacation!

I've put together some vacation and travel articles I think you'll enjoy. They cover everything from Florida vacation spots to traveling with kids. And I just recently had some interesting articles on the hurricanes that have come in contact with Florida over the last few years - neat stuff~

I'm always open for more articles ideas -- if you have one, how about contacting me?

  • Traveling with Children: If you're on a road trip, you dread hearing four little words - "are we there yet"! Guest author Claire Kolarova from Little Kids' Games Online has graciously provided some ideas for entertaining your children while traveling.

  • Retiring to Florida:  If you've ever considered moving to Florida when you retire, take a look at what Florida has to offer, aside from having no state income tax!

  • The Undiscovered Country: You keep hearing me say that Florida isn't just theme parks. How about taking a quick peek at some Florida travel destinations for when you are theme-parked-out?

  • Vacation Tips are always a good thing. As both a Florida resident and someone who also vacations in the Sunshine State, I can give you some tips for having a good time.

  • The ghost with the most lives in Florida it seems. When doing some research, I was surprised at how many "haunted" attractions there were - and I am not talking about the Haunted Mansion at Disney World!

  • Florida Hurricanes: 2007 is a review of the quiet tropical season for Florida in 2007, and which had one storm with a most unusual benefit.

  • Florida Hurricanes: 2006 is a review of the almost-storms which toyed with Florida in 2006.

  • Florida Hurricanes: 2005 is a look back at the storms which plagued Florida in the banner storm year of 2005.

  • Florida Hurricanes: 2004 is a review of the storms which wreaked havoc in Florida from June 1 through November 30th (our official hurricane season).

  • Florida Hurricanes: 2003-2000 is a look back at the storms which plagued Florida from the years 2000 through 2003.

  • Florida Hurricanes: 1999 saw only two storms, but that was more than enough!

  • Florida Hurricanes: 1998 seemed to be a foreshadow of years to come. Two hurricanes and a tropical storm visited Florida in 1998.

  • Florida Hurricanes: 1997-1995 gave us in Florida a little excitement, but fortunately not too much in the way of damage.

  • Florida Hurricanes: 1994-1993 Not too bad, but bad enough.

  • Florida Hurricanes: 1992 was a very rough year for South Florida with Andrew.

  • Florida Hurricanes: 1991 - 1960 Some years were without hurricanes...and some years were terrible.




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