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Best Florida Beaches

"I've heard it put this way - the best Florida beach is the ones you're at!"

Which are the best Florida beaches, from your point of view?  Would you like to find out the best, and maybe share your favorite?

Do you know about a Florida beach that no one else seems to have heard of?  Somewhere you can relax away from all the crowds.

If you like plenty of activity (and not just laying on the sand), what are the beaches in Florida where there is a ton of stuff to do -- you know, rentals, boardwalks -- things like that?

Best Florida BeachesHow about family-friendly beaches -- where are the best ones for all ages, young and old?  Not all Florida beaches are right for all ages, but there are lots where families can relax and have fun together!

What's your favorite mix of Florida beach resorts / hotels and the beach it's on?  If you are on a great Florida beach vacation and could stay at only one beachside resort, which one would it be?

Come on and read what others say about the best Florida beaches.  And if you like, share your own stories!

Undiscovered / Quiet Beaches

Yep, there are definitely some beach locations that no one seems to visit.  They are usually quiet, with few crowds. Pick a quiet Florida beach where you go to get away from it all! And although many Florida beaches have their share of people, you might be surprised at some of the stretches of sand and sea that usuall have very few people.

Best Beaches for Things to Do

Sometimes you just want to keep your options open!  Whether you'd like to rent floats, take a banana boat ride, parasail into the sunset...or just lay on the beach!  The point is, you want to be able to do lots of things.  What are the favorite beaches for activities?

Florida Family-Friendly Beaches

Florida beaches are mostly family-friendly, but there are some that cater to a more, ahem, adult crowd.  Which are the best Florida family beaches for everyone, young and old?  Where you can play in the surf, build sand castles, have picnics or even rent a beach toy or two? Find out!

Best Beach Resort or Hotel

So where are the absolute best Florida beaches for resorts / hotels?  These may be the places that are in all the vacation brochures...or maybe they are hidden jewels!  If you were taking a Florida vacation and could only choose one beachside resort or hotel, which one would it be?  Discover the best Florida beach resorts and hotels!

Key West Beaches

Key West has the most beaches of any of the Florida Keys islands (which suprisingly, don't have all that many beaches). Here are the Key West beaches, so pick the one that's best of you.

There you go, some of the best Florida beaches for you to enjoy!

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