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Best Weather in Key Largo


The best weather in Key Largo really does depend on what you plan to do when you're in the Florida Keys.  For example, do you want to swim?  Snorkel?  Take in the attractions? Camping?

There are times of the year that are best for all these things, and also there are times of the year to watch out for, when it comes to Key Largo, Florida weather.

Swimming, Snorkeling and Diving

The months May through September are best for these outdoor activities.  Snorkeling and diving in particular, because the seas can get choppy and visibility reduced in the winter months (November through March).  Other times of the year are okay, but may still be choppy.

The water is pretty warm all year in Key Largo, but the Winter can get a little chilly once you're out of the water, especially if the sun is playing hide-and-seek with the clouds..

Other Outdoor Activities (Hiking, Biking, Camping)

If you plan to be in the woods or backcountry at any point, either bring very strong insect repellant or visit anytime but late May through the beginning of October.  The mosquitoes can be ferocious!

Also, in the summer you're more likely to have thunderstorms and (gulp) tropical storms or hurricanes.  That is definitely not your best weather in Key Largo!

For my money, the best weather in Key Largo for outdoor activities is late October through the end of April.

Best Weather in Key Largo for Everything Else

If you plan to be sunning, taking tours, shopping or visiting attractions, just about any time of the year is fine.  It's cooler (but not cold) from November through April, and usually sunny.  Summer can be very hot and very humid.

Regarding the best weather Key Largo for boat tours...if you plan on taking boat tours out into the Atlantic, be aware that the waters can be choppy in the winter.  Boat tours that stay close to shore or go out into the back country are usually okay any time of year.

Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

Fortunately it was pretty quiet in 2007, so maybe our hurricane luck is back in place (and the storms stay away).  However, if you want to be extra-careful of the Key Largo weather, from mid-August to mid-September is the time of year to avoid.

But with the exception of 2004 and 2005, Key Largo really doesn't get many tropical storms or hurricanes, so you're probably safe even in August and September.

Relax, enjoy and have a great time in Key Largo!

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