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Cocoa Beach Hotels

Cocoa Beach hotels have an advantage over some others nearby -- Cocoa is the closest beach to Orlando and all the attractions. It's far enough away, though, that staying in Cocoa Beach is more convenient than going back to Orlando. 

After all, with the sun-splashed ocean, Cocoa Beach Florida vacations can be a trip all their own!

Cocoa Beach used to be a rather undiscovered part of Florida, with few beach hotels.  That's all changed now, and there are plenty to choose from.

Big resorts or small mom-and-pop motels, you can find them in Cocoa Beach.  Cocoa hotel, large or small, can suit your price range, too.  But as with everything else these days, it pays to shop around and get the best deal on rates that you can.

I'm going to concentrate on the hotels and resorts that are actually on the beach, or at least a short walk from it.  After all, the ocean is the star attraction here.

Coacoa Beach, FloridaLet's find some Cocoa Beach hotels for you to look at.

But First -- Cocoa Beach or Coco Beach?

Just so you know, the official spelling is "Cocoa Beach".  But I know a lot of people type in "Coco Beach" when searching for information.  So if you can't find information when you search for it, make sure you typed the name correctly -- it's an easy error to make.

Now on to the hotels!

Cocoa Beach Hotels Around $100 a Night

The following Cocoa Beach hotels average somewhere around $100 a night.  It doesn't mean you can't get a better rate, though, if you check around some.  Occasionally you may find deals that are under $80 a night (when you do, grab them).  Some ideas include:

  • Luna Sea Motel on N Atlantic Ave isn't directly on the beach, but a short walk from it.  The price, however, is more than right!  It also gets good overall reviews for being an enjoyable place to stay.

  •  Wakulla Suites on N Atlantic Ave is on the beach.  It's a little more pricy, averaging a bit over $100 a night, but you can find deals that will get the price down.  Great if you would like some extra space to spread out in.
  • Comfort Inn Suites Port Canaveral on N Atlantic Ave is a bit further from the beach (about 300 feet), but since it is a nice place, has a great rate and gives you some extra room I thought I'd include it.

Check other hotel rates and availability.

Hotels and Resorts Around $200 a Night

Cocoa Beach hotels in the $150-$220 a night are pretty plentiful.  Most have beach access (i.e. a very short walk) but most are also not directly on the beach.  I think a lot of that is the way Cocoa grew up, so to speak. At any rate, here are the Cocoa Beach hotels (plus one vacation condo that snuck in).

  • The Inn at Cocoa Beach on Ocean Beach Blvd gets rave reviews for being a unique place to stay.  Instead of cookie-cutter rooms, each one is furnished individually. On the beach. 

  • Hampton Inn Cocoa Beach on N Atlantic Ave is not on the beach itself, but a very short walk to it.  Nice reviews and convenient to Port Canaveral, for those of you who want to catch a few beach days before or after your cruise. 

  • Courtyard Cocoa Beach on N Atlantic Blvd gets some really nice reviews.  Again, not directly on the beach but a very short walk.  Oceanview rooms have a private balcony for enjoying the view.  You can sometimes find rates closer to $100 than $200 -- grab them when you find them. 
  • Hilton Oceanfront Cocoa Beach on N Atlantic Ave is by all accounts a nice place to stay.  It is rather large, so you'll have to do some walking around the hotel to get to things (like the pool and the beach).  That being said, you can get some rates closer to $100 a night if you do some shopping around. 

This next one isn't a hotel, but rather a vacation condo.  Since it gets such nice reviews, I thought I'd tell you about it anyway.

  • Resort on Cocoa Beach on Ocean Beach Blvd are condos that you can rent.  Being condos, they give you room to relax, especially if you are traveling with family.  On the beach, and I hear there is a free movie theater in the resort.  There's also a fitness center, for those of you so inclined.  Jetted tubs in the bath can make for a relaxing end-of-day.  More Information and Rates

Check more hotel rates and availability.

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