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Daytona Beach Vacation

A Daytona Beach vacation can be quite varied, as far as things to do.  Naturally, there is the lovely beach -- a big draw for a Daytona Beach vacation.  But Daytona beach is famous for other things too!  For example, there is the Daytona raceway, where several famous NASCAR races are held each year. 

There is also Daytona Beach Bike Week, when the motorcycles come out in force.  And of course, there is quite a Spring break in Daytona Beach every year.

Lots to do on a Daytona Beach vacation, wouldn't you say?

Daytona Beach BoardwalkOn this page you'll find out about:

  • Daytona Beach vacation information
  • Daytona Beach Hotels
  • Things to do in Daytona Beach
  • Daytona Beach weather
  • Getting to Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach Vacation Overview

Daytona Beach started as a sleepy little town that had a beautiful, wide, sandy beach.  Surfers could catch some waves and locals could spend the day by the shore and maybe do a little beach fishing.  And here's something else -- Daytona Beach is one of the very few beaches in Florida where you can drive your car onto it!

Then it happened -- Spring Break found a home in Daytona Beach, and it catapulted to a destination.  For quite a few years, Spring Break got out of hand in Daytona, but these days it's a little less rowdy.  Still, it's popular for Spring Break.

Two other things happened to rocket Daytona Beach to fame -- the Daytona Speedway and Bike Week.  Okay, Bike Week actually started way back in 1937, but it didn't gain prominence until about 40 years later.

Still, a Daytona Beach vacation generally centers around the beach.  Young or old (or anywhere in between) there is a place for you in Daytona.

Hotel and Motel - Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is 23 miles, so you can imagine what kind of hotels, motels, condos and timeshares are available!  There were so many in fact that I created a page just for this information -- Daytona Beach hotels.

Another idea for a Daytona Beach vacation rental - condo apartment.  This is great when you need more space to spread out!  Many of the condominiums and timeshares have vacation rentals available. 

Things To Do on Your Daytona Beach Vacation

The beach is obviously the main reason for a Daytona Beach vacation.  Whether you like to swim, surf, build sand castles or just lie on the beach, it's a wonderful place to do it.  Watch the little ones, though -- remember, cars are allowed to drive on the beach here.

You can also get more active on the beach by going parasailing or riding on one of the infamous banana boats!  There are also surfing lessons available.

Speaking a little more about the beach, while you can find seashells (especially sand dollars), don't expect a shelling bonanza -- the seas are a little too rough for shells and they tend to get broken up.  (If you are into shelling, check out Sanibel Island instead.)

Two more outdoors activities are golfing and fishing.  While the beaches aren't as conducive to beach fishing anymore (get there really early of you want to try your hand, er, rod), charter fishing is available.  And just inland, there are several golf courses where you can play a few rounds.

And in front of the hotels, you can find lots and lots of shopping.  Be prepared for crowds and traffic, though.  Still, there are a lot of shops and places to eat if you are "beached out" for a day!.

And of course there is the Daytona Speedway (also sometimes known as the Daytona Raceway).  There are several major races held each year, and from all reports, they are great to watch.  Keep in mind that it is hot (really hot) in the summer in the racing stadium.  Also, if you plan to attend one of the major races, make your reservations far in advance -- people flood the town and you might have to stay as far away as Orlando or Jacksonville in order to get a room.

The same thing goes for Bike Week in March -- get your reservations in early or plan to stay farther away.  Bike week is really a 10-day event, and it's held the first full week in March.  Word has it that around 500,000 people come in from all over to attend this event .

There aren't many actual attractions for your Daytona Beach vacation, except for the Daytona Beach Boardwalk.  Never fear, though, because you're a hop, skip and a jump away from Orlando.  You can easily spend a day at Walt Disney World, Sea World or Universal.  It may be a long day, because you will have to factor in a 2 or more hour round-trip to the Central Florida attractions, but you can do it.

Weather in Daytona Beach, Florida

Click for Daytona Beach, Florida Forecast

Daytona Beach weather is pretty nice most of the year...depending where in Daytona Beach you are.  If you are on the beach and you don't have a condo or hotel blocking the sea breeze, the heat doesn't get too bad.  However, in the middle of the summer, it can get pretty hot and steamy, especially at somewhere like the Daytona Speedway.  

What can you expect for your vacation weather in Daytona Beach, Florida?  Expect temperatures in the upper 80's and 90's Fahrenheit from May through September, with high humidity.  Spring and Fall are a bit more temperate, with temperatures in the 70's to low 80's. 

Footprints on Daytona BeachWinter can get chilly -- while most of the time you can expect days in the 60's and 70's, there are times the daytime highs will creep down into the 40's and 50's.  Not exactly beach going weather, unless you are from Canada!  Expect thunderstorms during Summer, and clear skies in Winter.  Spring and Fall tend to be a mixture, with most days being partly cloudy.

Daytona Beach had a tough time with hurricanes in 2004.  First, Charley came through in August, fortunately moving swiftly.  Then Daytona Beach got the edges of Frances and Jeanne in September.  A number of condos and hotels were damaged, some badly enough that they were torn down and rebuilt.  So in some ways, the hurricanes cleaned up the beachfront.  Just not in a way we'd really like it to happen

Getting to Your Daytona Beach Vacation

If you are flying in from out-of-state, your options are the Daytona Beach airport or better yet, the Orlando airport (it's usually cheaper to fly into Orlando and rent a car).  Orlando International airport is only about an hour or so from Daytona Beach, once you are actually clear of the airport.

Daytona Beach is kind of spread out, so even if you fly into the Daytona Beach airport, you'll need to rent a car.  So, you may as well just fly into Orlando and take advantage of the better prices.

Coming by car? Come on down using Interstate 95 and you can't miss Daytona Beach.  Unless you drive with your eyes closed (something I do NOT recommend).

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