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Choosing a Destin, Florida Rental

A Destin, Florida rental is a wonderful way to spend your time on this piece of Emerald Coast paradise. There are vacation homes, condos and timeshares to be had for rent in this Florida vacation spot. 

If you are planning to vacation in beautiful Destin for more than a few days, you may want to consider getting a vacation rental. While there are various resorts in the area, a rental in Destin can provide you with far more room and flexibility.

There are various vacation rentals for you to choose from for your vacation. This page covers:

  • Destin Vacation Home Rentals
  • Destin, Florida Condo Rentals
  • Timeshares in Destin

(Destin, Florida Vacation Home RentalsPsst - be sure to also check out things to do on your Destin vacation which also includes Destin weather.) 

Destin Florida Vacation Home Rentals

For those who have larger families, need extra room, or are planning a vacation for a group of people, renting a home in Destin can be a great choice.

Destin Florida vacation home rentals usually sleep between 8-20 people, which gives you plenty of room for the whole family.

Some homes may not be available all year round because owners often stay in their homes for part of the year; however, there are some homes that have been bought for the purpose of renting and are available all year long.

The prices of Destin house rentals may seem a bit steep. They start out around $800 a week and go up as high as $5,000 a week as well, for Destin Florida beach houses. Most rentals require that you stay a week or more, so if you want a shorter vacation, a home rental may not be the best choice.

Although the price may seem high, when you figure that the price can be split between a lot of people, a house rental is actually a great deal.

Destin Florida Rental - View of CondosCondo Rentals in Destin, Florida

There are a variety of great condos to be found in the city of Destin. Like the houses for rent, some condos may not be available all year, so it is important to check the availability of a place you're interested in. Condos are available both on the beach and in downtown Destin as well. 

While Destin condo rentals do not sleep as many people as a house, the price is quite a bit cheaper. Most condos sleep between 6-10 people and rates start out about $400 a week and go on up to about $3,000 a week, depending on where and when you stay.

Some condo rentals require that you stay at least a week, while others only require that you stay a minimum of three to four nights. Again, it's best to check the policy before you decide to rent.

Destin Timeshare Rentals

There are also Destin timeshares available as well in the area. If you end up loving the area of Destin, Florida, you may actually want to purchase a timeshare in that area. Otherwise you can rent a timeshare in Destin from someone else while you are in the area.

Once you rent a timeshare in Destin, you may decide that you want one of your own and you will have the opportunity to look for one while you are still in Destin.

Before You Sign...

Before you sign on the dotted line for your Destin, Florida rental, there are some final things to consider. First, check out the cancellation policy. No one likes to cancel a vacation, but sometimes things happen and you can't help it. Find out what kinds of fees you might be liable for, and how far in advance you can cancel without a fee.

If you plan to visit during the summer, find out what the hurricane policy is -- if a storm threatens, not only where would you go, but are any refunds available in the event of a storm? Not that it happens all that often, but best to check it out beforehand.

Ask to see any rules ahead of times -- if pets are allowed, if there is a limit on the number of people who can stay, parking -- those kinds of things. Also find out about any cleaning fees that may be extra.

So, food for thought. And with all that in mind, it's time to go searching for that perfect Destin, Florida rental!

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