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Disney Vacation Homes

Disney vacation homes are just the thing for one of the great Florida vacation spots - Orlando (and Kissimmee). Instead of a cramped hotel room, or spending a lot of money on a resort stay, you can stay in a house close to Disney World.

What should you look for - and be wary of - when it comes to Walt Disney vacation home rentals in Orlando? Let's take a look and see!

Room to Roam

First things first - how much room do you need? Will a 2 bedroom be enough, or would having 5 bedrooms be better? A lot of it depends on how many people will be sharing your vacation home.

The whole idea is to get you enough space so that you're comfortable, but not over-extend your budget.

That being said, 3 and 4 bedrooms are the most common, but you'll find anything from 2 bedrooms up through 6. That can be a lot of room to roam.

How Many Bathrooms?

On any vacation, the number of bathrooms can be a sticking point, especially when there are more than two sharing a room, or two couples in a home. So after you check the number of bedrooms, give a critical eye to the number of bathrooms.

Most often, you will see that two are available in Disney vacation homes. You will want to double-check, though, on where they are. Two master suites is fine for two people or couples, but if another person needs to use the facilities, they will have to disturb someone.

If there are two master suites, make sure there is at least a half bath available as well.

The Locations of the Disney Vacation Homes

Yes, location does matter. Obviously, closer is better when it comes to driving, but also find out what you can about the neighborhood. If you look at a photo of a home and it has decorative (iron) scrollwork over the doors and windows, you might want to pass it by (no matter how lovely the scrollwork is).

The Orlando area has become quite populated, which means lots of traffic. You'll need to balance cost with how close you are to Walt Disney World. (Like I said, you're in one of the premier Florida vacation spots.).

Finally...Check the Contract - Twice!

Once you've narrowed down your Disney vacation homes to just a handful, it's time to check the contracts, especially any termination fees.

No, you don't want to have to cancel your Walt Disney World vacation, but sometimes it can't be helped. Definitely check on the policy -- how many days in advance you can cancel at no charge...or if you can cancel at no charge. A Disney vacation home rental can be a bit on the pricey side, so you need to know the contract details!

Granted, if you cancel at the last moment you'll owe something, but what about 2 weeks out? Or 2 months out? It's something you need to know before you sign on the dotted line (or hand over a credit card) for your Disney World rental home.

There you go, some tips to consider when choosing the house you'll stay in, on your great Disney vacation!

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