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Dreher Park Zoo Gallery


Thanks for taking a look!  I stopped by the Dreher Park Zoo in March of 2007, and thought I'd share a few photos of my trip.

I'm only putting 2 or 3 pictures per page, so that people who connect through dial-up don't have to wait forever to see the pictures. But I have several pages of pictures to share with you.

As I mentioned previously, the Dreher Park Zoo was badly damaged in the 2004 hurricane season. Although the animals were safe, the zoo itself was closed for extensive renovations. And although no one wishes a hurricane to blow through and destroy a zoo, one good thing did come of it. The zoo got a total overhaul and where it used to be a mish-mash of exhibits, there are now themes to the different areas.

So come on along, and let's start the adventure!


Mayan Temple Replica
Mayan Temple

This is the place where the eyes gaze to as you walk into the zoo.  Actually, it's part of the "Tropical Americas" section, which is a bit of a walk into the park.  Still, it is visible from the parking lot, and it's something that calls you to take a look.


Mayan Statue Replica
Mayan Statue of....Something

You got me as to what this is supposed to be, but it's at the foot of the temple!


Jaguar Sleeping
Time for a Snooze?

There were at least 4 species of cats at the zoo, but this jaguar was the only one that even semi-cooperated in posing for a picture.

The cats at the zoo are: Bengal tigers , Florida panthers, ocelots and of course, the jaguars.


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