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Florida Attractions, Nature Coast


Attractions on the Florida Nature Coast tend to be those of the "live" variety. Standard attractions along Florida's Nature Coast are pretty much non-existent, with the exception of two. However, those two are definitely worth seeing!


I'm going to include a Florida destination as well, Cedar Key. Especially during the Seafood Festival, it qualifies as an attraction of sorts!

Get ready, get set. This time I am traveling south to north along Florida's Nature Coast.

  • Weeki Wachee Springs: This is the "must see" attraction. What's neat is the show, and I believe it's unique -- it's mermaids! OK, so they are ladies who can hold their breath and not look like they're holding their breath. The show is not in a tank, but actually in the spring itself. The water is crystal clear, and the view is great. Now, the interesting part can be the wildlife that occasionally visits during the show....and I've heard that an alligator has indeed showed up! What else? A river cruise, animal shows, etc. Oh, and don't forget Buccaneer Bay Waterpark, Florida's only spring-fed water park -- how cool is that! So, go and spend the day. Weeki Wachee, FL (352) 596-2062.

  • Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park: If you're in Homosassa Springs, please visit the State Wildlife Park. There is a river boat ride (about 1 mile) and then the park itself. I was surprised at how much there really is to see here - all kinds of exhibits and wildlife! There are manatee/wildlife encounter programs, too. The nature trails are nice, and birding is excellent. The visitor's center has displays and exhibits (not to mention a humongous gift shop). Take a camera to this place! Homosassa Springs, FL (352) 628-5343

  • Cedar Key: Kinda neat. I think of it as the most northern of the Florida Keys -- it has that kind of atmosphere. There are shops and restaurants galore, so your wallet might tremble at the prospect. The fun thing is to get on a boat tour. You have your choice of a tour of the islands, of being dropped off at a beach for a few hours, or renting a boat for yourself. A word of warning -- Cedar Key is kind of isolated, so it takes a while to get there by car (the only way in). I think it's worth it in the end, though.

That's pretty much it for the Florida Nature Coast attractions. There are state parks and small museums throughout Florida's Nature Coast, though. If you like nature trails, diving, fishing, boating and/or swimming, this is a great place to visit on your vacation.

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