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Best Florida Beaches for Things to Do: 
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"When it comes to a Florida beach, I want to swim and surf and boat and play and..."

The best Florida beaches for activities are the ones where it's hard to choose what to do first!

Naturally you want golden sands, sunshine and warm, tropical waters.  But how about more?

Do you want to try parasailing up into a deep blue sky, with everything far, far below?

How about renting a sea kayak or a jet ski?

Best Florida Beaches for Things to DoDoes the thought of beach side shopping make your heart beat faster?

And what about boardwalks and other amusements?  Would they pique your interest?

There are some beaches famous for activities, like Daytona Beach and Panama City Beach.  But there are others, too, nestled all around this great state!

So how about sharing your favorite beach where there are loads of things to see and do?

Tell you what -- scroll down and read some of the cool reviews that others have left, then come on back and tell us your (family friendly) Florida beach story! 



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