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Florida Family Beach -- Your Top Picks!

A Florida family beach vacation can be a magical experience.  A bright blue sky, warm tropical waters and sand that's just begging to be made into a castle!  Ahhh, life is good.

While the majority of Florida beaches are indeed family-friendly, there are a few that attract a more, ahem, mature audience.  You want a Florida beach vacation that the whole family can feel comfortable with, right?

So which are those great family-friendly beaches -- where are they located?  And why are they so much fun for families?

Florida Family Beach, DestinFor example, Clearwater Beach Florida is great because the water is shallow enough for even toddlers.  The wave action tends to be very calm, so it also means it's great for swimming. There are plenty of beach rentals, so if you've forgotten to bring a float, there's one at the ready.

Daytona Beach is fun, too, as long as you steer clear of it during Spring Break! Same thing for Panama City Beach. These are the kinds of things you need to know, when planning your Florida family beach vacation. During the rest of the year, both of these beaches are great Florida vacation spots.

Read about the Florida family beaches -- where are the best ones and what do they have to offer?  From the Panhandle to the Keys, then up north to the Florida-Georgia border, there are family-friendly beaches all over the Sunshine State!

So scroll down, kick back and enjoy the best of the family beaches.  And when you're done reading, maybe you'd like to share your own Florida family beach story!  We'd love to hear it!



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