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Florida Golf Resorts

Florida golf resorts are plentiful for sure - we have more golf courses in Florida than does any other state! Our golf resorts range from the famous Doral in Miami, to the Ritz-Carlton on Amelia Island to the Hilton Sandestin in the Florida Panhandle. Just about anywhere in the state, you'll find Florida golfing!

Florida Golf ResortsDifferent areas of the state have different types of courses; for example Orlando golf resorts tend to have more natural hills than do South Florida golf resorts. Temperature vary as well, with the time of year and location. On this page, you'll find ideas for where you can find Florida golf resorts, and the times of year that you might enjoy them best.

South Florida Golf Resorts

South Florida is the place most people think of when it comes to Florida golfing. We've got the PGA National in West Palm Beach; the Boca Raton Golf and Spa, Doral in Miami and tons more, small and large. And that's just Southeast Florida! Over on the Gulf coast, the Ritz-Carlton in Naples is the leader of the pack. Still, The South Seas resort in Captiva is popular, followed by resorts in Fort Myers, Cape Coral and the Gulf islands.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the major resorts. In reality, just about any resort in South Florida will have a golfing package available. We've got a multitude of public golf clubs in a small area. And while the most popular clubs will have competition for tee times (especially in season), you'll have plenty of options.

When it comes to South Florida, the winter is the high season. While the rest of the country is snow-covered and shivering, we have mild, sunny days for the most part. The only thing you need to be aware of in the winter is that when a cold front comes through, we can have a lot of wind.

You probably don't want to visit in high summer (July and August) because it really is hot and humid. If you do come here then, book the early and late tee times, to escape the worst of the summer heat and sun.

Orlando Golfing

Florida Golf Resorts, OrlandoOrlando golfing has a wide variety of resorts dedicated to the sport. One extremely popular Orlando golf destination is none other than Walt Disney World (and of course, they have Disney golf vacation packages). But what are some of the other options in Orlando?

The Hyatt-Regency Grand Cypress is an amazing resort by all accounts. The golfing is great, and if you have members of your party that aren't golf-aholics, they'll still find plenty to do. If you're looking for something that's not a chain resort, you might want to check out Bay Hill. And if you want low-key and golf-centered, try the Orange County National Golf Center and Lodge.

As far as weather goes, high summer is often problematic here as well; Orlando tee times in the summer are best early and late, or play just 9 holes. Spring and Fall are the best Orlando golf times, and surprisingly, they don't tend to be all that crowded!

Florida Golf Resorts

What about other areas of the state for Florida golf resorts? One extremely popular spot is along the Emerald Coast -- the Destin and Fort Walton Beach area, with some in Panama City as well. And speaking of Panama City, you might like to check out the Bay Point Resort Golf Club. The Sandestin is the prime golf resort in the Destin area (which has more golf courses than you can shake a club at), but The Resorts at Pelican Beach is also a prime destination here.

Here in the Florida Panhandle, Winter can be a bit chilly and windy, with the cold fronts coming through. Spring and Fall are fantastic, but Summer carries the same issues here, although a little cooler with the ocean breezes.

When it comes to Florida golf resorts, you can find them anywhere in the Sunshine State. We're so golf-happy that even the Florida Caverns State Park has a course. So come on down for your Florida golf vacation and enjoy! 

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