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Florida Hurricanes 1991 Through 1960

Florida hurricanes were in a lull from the 1970's through 1991.  The stage was being set for 1992, though. 

Florida in the 1960's wasn't a good place to be, hurricane-wise.  We got far too many storms.  And 40 years later, the situation repeated itself, or so it seemed.

Since we're covering quite a few years on this page, I'm only going to list the hurricanes that came ashore in Florida -- I won't discuss the tropical storms or depressions.

To give us a run-down on all the storms that brushed Florida -- where they started, what paths did they take and so on -- I'm pleased to present the following article by Bruce Supranowicz. There's a lot of fascinating information here for weather-watchers!

1960 - Donna, a Category 4

Donna moved through the upper Keys and came ashore near Fort Myers with 135-MPH winds on September 10. It went northward, then north-northeastward through the interior of the state before exiting north of Daytona Beach the next day.

1961 Through 1963 - All's Quiet

1964 - A Very Bad Year

Cleo hit Miami on August 27 as a category 2, with 105-MPH winds. Cleo moved north-northwestward up the east coast of Florida and weakened to a tropical storm as it did so.

Dora hit the St. Augustine area as a category 3 hurricane, with 115-MPH winds, late on September 9.  Dora weakened as it continued inland while moving west-northwest through the extreme northern portion of the state.

Isbell was a late season hurricane which came ashore near Naples as a category 3 storm with 125-MPH winds during the evening of October 14. Moved northeastward and exited the state near West Palm Beach.

1965 - Betsy and South Florida

Betsy was a very large hurricane which hit the southern tip of the Florida peninsula on September 8 as a category 3 hurricane with 125-MPH winds. Betsy also went through the upper Florida Keys on its trek towards the west into the Gulf of Mexico.

1966 - Two Category 1 Storms

Alma moved ashore in the Florida panhandle just east of Panama City on June 9 with 90-MPH winds. Veered towards the northeast and weakened to a tropical storm before exiting the state.

Inez moved on a track similar to Betsy in 1965, striking the southern tip of the Florida peninsula and also the upper Florida Keys with 85-MPH winds on October 4 before moving westward into the Gulf of Mexico.

1967:  A Reprieve WIth No Hurricanes

1968 and Cedar Key  

Gladys was a late-season hurricane which hit the west coast of the Florida peninsula south of Cedar Key as a category 1 with 80-MPH winds very early on October 19. Gladys moved towards the east-northeast through the Ocala region and exited the state near St. Augustine on its way out into the Atlantic Ocean.

1969 Through 1971 - None

1972 - Just Barely a Hurricane

Agnes went inland in the Florida panhandle near Panama City on June 19 as a minimal hurricane with 75-MPH winds. It weakened as it moved further inland, towards the north.

1973 and 1974:   None

1975 - Here She Comes!

Eloise was a major category 3 hurricane which hit the Fort Walton Beach area in the Florida panhandle on September 23. Winds were 125 MPH when it moved ashore from the Gulf of Mexico while heading in a northerly direction.

1976 Through 1978 - All's Quiet

1977:   None.

1979 - David Pays Us a Visit

David struck the east coast between Vero Beach and Fort Pierce as a category 2 hurricane, with 100-MPH winds, on September 3. It moved north-northwestward up the east coast of the state for several hours before exiting near Daytona Beach.

A piece of trivia -- David was the first hurricane with a male name to hit Florida.

1980 Through 1984 -- A Lull We Appreciated

1985:  The Panhandle Gets Wet

Kate was a very late season storm which moved in from the Gulf of Mexico and hit the Florida panhandle near Panama City on November 21 as a category 2 hurricane with 100-MPH winds.

1986 No Hurricanes

1987 - Floyd Takes Aim

Floyd was a late season storm which passed through the Florida Keys on October 12. Winds were a category 1, at 75 MPH, while passing through the Keys. Floyd weakened to a tropical storm afterwards on its east-northeast track.

1988 Through 1991 - The Calm Before the Storm

While 1998 through 1991 were quiet, 1992 wasn't...and deserves its own page with hurricane Andrew.

Wow -- that's some write-up! Thanks a bunch, Bruce, and you can check out more of his "storm stories" on the Articles page.


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