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Florida Hurricanes 2007

2007 was another quiet hurricane season for Florida - yay!

Although two tropical storms, Andrea and Noel, threatened Florida, neither made actual landfall in Florida. The only storm which impacted Florida via direct landfall was Tropical Storm Barry.

To give us a run-down on all the storms that brushed Florida -- where they started, what paths did they take and so on -- I'm pleased to present the following article by Bruce Supranowicz.

Bruce has been avidly following tropical storm, hurricanes and weird weather almost all his life, so he's a wealth of knowledge, especially when it comes to Florida hurricanes!

Take it away, Bruce!

Tropical Storm Barry

Barry formed out of a northward-moving tropical disturbance in the Northwest Caribbean as the Florida hurricane 2007 season started.

The system was labeled a tropical storm during the night of June 1 in the Southeastern Gulf of Mexico, about 225 miles west-southwest of Key West.

As is often the case with early-season tropical storms, Barry failed to intensify much as it moved towards the northeast and peaked as a 50-MPH tropical storm. Upper-level shear helped to keep Barry a moderately weak tropical storm, and as it approached the west-central coast of Florida, Barry started to weaken.

Barry crossed the Florida coast just north of Tampa around midday on June 2 as a tropical depression and continued to weaken before dissipating north of Jacksonville during the night. 

An unusual aspect of Barry is that it actually helped Florida by easing some drought conditions which had persisted in the central and northern parts of Florida leading up to the hurricane season. It was weak enough not to cause destruction from the wind, yet brought beneficial rain.

For Florida, the Florida hurricane 2007 season will be remembered for a welcome absence of tropical activity.

Thanks a bunch, Bruce, and you can check out more of his "storm stories" on the Articles page.


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