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Florida Key West Vacation

A Florida Key West vacation is an adventure into a different world. The sights and sounds; the tropical weather; the mixture of past and present, are all a part of a Key West vacation.

Let's take a look at the Florida Keys, and more specifically, Key West.

Where is Key West?

Florida Key West Vacation - SOuthernmost PointKey West is the last stop in the Florida Keys; that is, it's the last Key that you can get to in a car. South and west from Miami, it's nestled between Florida Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It's also the southernmost point in the contiguous United States.

The weather is tropical here; frost is left far behind. And while there is the (very) occasional cold front that drops temperatures into the 50's, the days are warmer.

Sunrise and set are visible from the island, across the waters, and the sunsets especially are usually spectacular.

Florida Key West Vacation Ideas

There is plenty to see and do in Key West, and vacation ideas abound! In fact, there is more to see and do here than anywhere else in the Florida Keys.

But first, what's your pleasure? Are you into nightlife or shopping? Beaches or exploring the coral reefs? Perhaps with a little history thrown into the mix? You can find all this (and more) in Key West.

First, there are bed and breakfasts that have vacation packages. The most popular are for a long weekend (3 or 4 days), and they almost always include the use of a bicycle (one of the most efficient ways to get around the island). You'll find that a sunset cruise is quite likely a part of the package as well. But beyond that, the sky is the limit!

Let's take, for example, a 4 night 3 day stay for a FLorida Key West vacation -- what would be the most important things to see and do? I personally think it would be best to have a sampling of what Key West has to offer for your vacation! So here are my top picks.

Florida Key West Vacation - SunsetSunset at Mallory Square -- although sunset times vary throughout the year, you can always find amazing sights in the square. I don't know if they are still there, but the trained cats jumping through flaming hoops was always a crowd favorite! Jugglers, musicians and other street performers are there, in addition to a glorious sunset.

Duval Street -- even if you're not into shopping, a trip down Duval street is an interesting sight. And don't forget to stop at Sloppy Joe's, famous for being one of Hemmingway's favorite drinking spots. (Not to worry if you have young ones with you - go during the day for a great lunch and musical entertainment.)

Snorkeling or Diving -- take one of the packages that goes out to one of the reefs. After all, the Florida Keys have the only living coral reef in the contiguous US. (And yes, it's still alive and well, even after the Gulf oil spill.)

Trolley Tour -- a relaxing way to see the island without worrying about the traffic (which can be congested at times). See the sights and find out more about various locations around the island -- quite intriguing!

A Beach or the Pier -- despite being an island, there aren't a lot of beaches, but there are some of the largest Key West beaches are some of the largest in the Keys. If you're not into the beach, take a walk along the pier.

Key West Attractions -- there are plenty around the city. None will take more than a few hours, but you'll find them varied and enjoyable.

Where to stay depends on your preferences. There are a lot of B&Bs, as well as resorts. There isn't much for any "in-between" motels, though. Still, here's a look at some of the Key West resorts you may find intriguing. And don't forget about a possible honeymoon in Key West!

So there are some suggestions for your Florida Key West vacation. Enjoy your trip to paradise! 

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