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Florida Keys Vacations

Florida Keys vacations are a tropical trip into the land of laid-back enjoyment. The bright sunshine, warm seas and abundant outdoor activities make for a vacation you won't soon forget!

Although the Keys seem like they are a different country, they are in fact part of the United States, so US citizens -- you don't need a passport to visit the Florida Keys.

So let's take a look at these jewels of islands that make up this piece of paradise. First we'll check the areas of the Keys (including info about Florida Keys hotels), then we'll explore Florida Keys vacations and ideas.

Where in the Keys?

Florida Keys VacationsFirst, the Keys are south of the mainland Florida peninsula. They stretch south and west, nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Florida Bay,

There are four major divisions to these islands in the sun: the upper, middle and lower Keys, plus Key West.

The upper Keys are from the Key Biscayne are through Lower Matacumbe Key. Between these stretches of islands and sea are Key Largo (gateway to the Keys) and Islamorada (one of the world's best fishing destinations).

The middle Keys are from south of Lower Matecumbe through the city of Marathon.

South and west of marathon make up the lower Keys, which in turn stop at Key West. Interestingly enough, there are no major cities in the lower Keys, but there is one of the best beaches in Florida -- Bahia Honda; an excellent destination for Florida keys vacations!

Florida Keys Hotels

If you're visiting the Keys, you'll need a place to stay -- everything but maybe Key Largo is too far away for a day trip unless it's from Miami. Anyway, to get the best vacation in the Florida Keys, you'll want to stay at one of the Florida Keys hotels.

There are all kinds of options, from mom and pop motels to B&Bs to chain hotels to the big resorts. Oh, and even islands can be rented! But to give you a taste, here are some Key West resorts you may want to think about, along with some Key Largo hotels and resorts. You just have to read about Florida's only underwater hotel!

Keys Vacation Ideas

Now part of what kind of Florida Keys vacation you pick depends on what you like to do. The Florida Keys are outdoors-oriented, so just about anyplace you'll find ample opportunites to take a dive or snorkeling vacation (or even just a tour or two). People come to the Keys from all over the world to see the reefs!

FLorida Keys VacationsIf you're into camping, there are several parks from which to choose, but the best is probably Bahia Honda State Park -- not only does it haev room for tents and RVs, it even has air-conditioned cabins! But there are others as well, so check out the state parks in the Florida Keys.

Love boating? The Florida Keys was meant for you -- from power boats through canoes and kayaks, you can explore both the Atlantic and Florida Bay.

If fishing is your thing, Islamorada is the spot for you. Don't worry about bringing a boat; charters abound!

If you're not really the outdoorsy type, you'd probably be happiest in Key West -- plenty of things to see and do on land -- here are a few Key West things to do for you to peruse.

Vacation packages in the Florida Keys range from weekend stays to a more lengthy vacation. The various resorts (see the previous section) often run their own packages for Florida Keys vacations! 

Florida Keys Vacations

These are just some of the ideas for Florida Keys vacations. But wherever you go in this land of sunshine, the dress code is casual. Time seems to slow down in the Keys, with tomorrow being as beautiful as yesterday and today.

Where will you go, when it comes to planning your Florida keys vacation? 

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