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Florida Rental Homes

Are you looking at Florida rental homes and wondering which one is right for your next vacation? 

Aside from a wonderful house, close to your favorite Florida vacation spots, to call your own for the length of your trip, what else do you need to know...before you sign on the dotted line?

Let's take a look at what you need to know before you go searching for your perfect Florida vacation home!

What You Need to Consider First

So what do you need to think about first, before renting, or even before you start searching?

The number one decision is where. What is it that you want to do on your Florida vacation? That will help to answer your next question, and that is this: what time of year is best?

Florida Rental HomesMost people associate Florida with summertime, which may or may not be the best time for you.

Next Up: How Much Room Do You Need?

The next thing to consider is this: how much room do you need? You'll see a lot of different sizes of Florida rental homes, so it pays to get as much as you need, without paying too much (after all, a budget is a budget).

Not only consider how many bedrooms you need, but also how many bathrooms, and where they are (e.g. are they all in bedrooms). Too many arguments have been started over who's next in line!

Don't forget living space, which includes any covered areas outdoors.

What About a Pool?

Do you need to have a pool on your vacation rental? Before you jump at a listing for a pool home, think about how often you'll be at the house to use it? Sometimes, a hot tub / spa makes more sense than a full pool, especially after a day of seeing the sights.

And if you're thinking about a pool in the winter, make sure it's heated; yes, it does get cold in Florida in the winter!

Contracts and Florida Rental Homes

Last but definitely not least, you need to carefully review the contracts for the various Florida rental homes. They are not all created equal!

Look at how much you have to pay for the deposit, and under what conditions you get it returned. Some owners will return it as long as you leave the home in reasonable shape. Some ding you for every little thing. Know the conditions beforehand!

What's the cancellation policy? Granted, you don't want to cancel your Florida vacation, but sometimes it's unavoidable. You need to find out ahead of time; you don't want to forfeit your entire deposit when you cancel 2 months out! And conversely, you should expect to pay something if you do a last-minute cancellation.

How will you pay for the rental home? Credit card, check, cash? A private homeowner may not accept credit cards, so know that up front as well.

There you go -- things to consider before searching for your Florida vacation rental home!

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