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Florida Vacation News Blog Archive -- August 2007
What's New...and What's News!

Welcome to the Great Florida Vacations blog archive for August 2007.  We had a lot going, and especially with the Florida Keys -- lots of news there.  Including the infamous World Parrot Mission, a.k.a. the World Parrot Museum! 

There was also infomation about Destin, Florida, as well as

Aug 30, 2007, Offshore Florida Keys Fishing

Offshore fishing in the Florida Keys is an awesome experience.  At any of the major cities (Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon and Key West) you will find a multitude of charters, just waiting to take you out to the fishing grounds.

If I could go fishing in just one place in the Florida Keys, it would be in Islamorada.  Not only is Islamorada widely recognized as a prime fishing location, there are also plenty of boats at various marinas.  If you want to try your luck as a walk-up, go to Bud & Mary's -- theirs is the biggest marina in the area.

Charter Fishing Catch, Islamorada, FloridaIf you plan to be in the Florida Keys for a few days, take some time early on to wander down to the marina just as the fishng boats are pulling in.  Take a look at who's catching what, and how much.  Then try your luck and see if there's a spot open with one of the boats on the day you want to go fishing.

You may have to go out ten or more miles to get to the fishing grounds, but the variety is wonderful -- tuna, wahoo, dolphin and marlin, to name just a few.

My very first offhshore fishing charter in the Keys had me catch a 40-pound dolphin and a 200-pound marlin. Not to mention lots and lots of smaller dolphin and tuna.  And most of the charters since that first one have also had a large catch by day's end.

If you are wanting to try some offshore fishing, there's no better place than the Florida Keys.  


Aug 29, 2007, World Parrot Mission in Key Largo, Florida Keys

The World Parrot Mission (also sometimes called the World Parrot Museum) in Key Largo is a unique attraction, as well as a rescue organization.  Its main focus is on abandonded pet parrots.  You see, the Humane Society doesn't consider parrots as pets, so won't allow them in the shelters.  Enter the World Parrot Mission to the rescue!

To help fund the cost of this organization, the World Parrot Mission presents parrot shows in the Florida Keys.  And you won't believe what some of these parrots can do!  Play basketball, do puzzles, and even give a little song and dance number!

The shows are presented at the resorts, as opposed to the World Parrot Mission site itself. However, on most Thursdays, from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM, you can stop by and visit with the parrots.  The World Parrot Mission is located at Mile Marker 99, on the bayside, in Key Largo, Florida.

To find out more, you can visit the organization's official website, www.WorldParrotMission.org.

Aug 28, 2007, Florida Keys - Great Florida Vacations

No passport required for the Florida Keys and Key West! Come on down and vacation where wonderful is a way of life. Whether you like outdoor activities, visiting attractions or just watching the world go by, the Florida Keys is a slice of paradise.

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Aug 28, 2007, Florida Lower Keys - Great Florida Vacations

The Florida Lower Keys are where nature rules! But after you get here, the questions is where to stay in the Florida lower Keys? Are there things to do and maybe some attractions? Find out more about the Florida lower Keys!

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Aug 28, 2007, Things to Do in the Upper Keys of Florida - Great Florida Vacations

There are plenty of things to do in the upper Keys of Florida. You can enjoy the gorgeous weather outdoors with watery sports; take boat tours and sunset cruises; take in some attractions. Oh, and there's camping, hiking and biking, too!

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Aug 27, 2007, Where are the Coral Reefs in Florida?

If you want to find coral reefs in Florida, the place you want to go is the Florida Keys. North America's only living coral reefs are just offshore.

And did you know that there are three state and national parks built around these coral reefs?  They are:

You can also find great coral reefs close to Long Key State Park, Bahia Honda State Park and Ft. Zachary Taylor Historic State Park.

You can snorkel or dive these reefs in the Florida Keys.  Or, if you're not into getting wet how about a glass-bottom boat tour of the coral reefs?

Any way you look at it, these reefs are beautiful and rare.  Visit them when you go to the Florida Keys on your next vacation.

Aug 24, 2007, Florida Keys Scuba and Sailing

Florida Keys scuba and sailing -- what a neat combination!  Either one by themselves is wonderful, but together is even better.

So, just where can you find both scuba and sailing in the Florida Keys?

Your best bet is in Key West.  Because it's such a big tourist attraction, Key West has a bit of everything. 

First, there is the scuba diving.  You can dive close to shore, ot take a trip out to some of the outer islands. Here's a place with some more information on Key West scuba diving spots.

Next there is the sailing, which abounds in Key West.  Just check around town -- there are plenty of places that have "regular" tours on the sailboats, and some that have dive tours as well.  Check out Fury Catamarans and Sunny Days Catamarans.

Aug 23, 2007, Florida Vacation Spots -- Great Florida Vacations

Great Florida vacation spots are waiting for your to discover them! You want to know where those exotic Florida vacation spots are, right? What about the glorious Florida beaches? Discover for yourself the magic of Florida, from the Panhandle down to the Keys!

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Aug 21, 2007, Florida Outdoors - Great Florida Vacations

Florida outdoors -- what a great place to be!

Aug 20, 2007, Is Destin in Your Destiny?

Destin, Florida is a wonderful Florida vacation spot. It lies on Florida's Emerald Coast -- appropriate, since Destin is a gem in itself.

Imagine the beach -- wide, sugar-sandy and lovely. The warm Gulf water is inviting, especially after spending time in the tropical sun.

Destin hotels are many and varied. From towering luxury hotels to inexpensive motels, there's a place to stay for everyone in Destin, Florida.

If I had to pick the part of Destin I like best, it would have to be the beach. But next would be the charter fishing. You see, Destin has been nicknamed the world's luckiest fishing village. Seeing as David loves fishing (and I do too, when the boat is chartered), a day on the calm waters of the Gulf is quite inviting indeed. Especially when we get to eat what we catch!

One of these days I'll have to visit again, and take bunches of pictures. It's kind of far from South Florida, though, so it may be awhile.

Want to learn more about Destin? Check out an article I wrote on a Destin, Florida vacation.


Aug 18, 2007, Florida Beach Guide -- the Best Beaches in Florida

A Florida beach guide is handy when you're wondering which are the best Florida beaches for you.

Maybe you like your beach full of activity, like Daytona Beach. Or maybe you like quiet Florida beaches, like Cape San Blas.

Family beaches? The Florida beach guide has them, too.

There are hundreds of Florida beaches, from the tourist haunts to the ones that only the Florida residents know about. And did you know there are beaches that are Florida State Parks?

Sure enough -- Grayton Beach State Park in the Florida Panhandle is a great example.

And if you like your State Park beaches on the tropical site, check out Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys.

It's your Florida vacation -- go where you want, where it's best for you. And take a look at a Florida beach guide before you go.

Aug 18, 2007, I've Redesigned the Florida Vacation News Blog!

Yes, I've redesigned my blog with you in mind. I'd love to have you back visiting me everyday, but I know you're really busy. So I decided to make it that you can come here to find out what's new with Great Florida Vacations.

All my new and updated pages are listed here, so you can scan and find exactly what you're looking for -- then jump right to that page!

I'll also use this blog to give you little tidbits from around the Sunshine State of Florida.

I hope you enjoy the new formatting!


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