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Florida Vacation News Blog Archive -- September 2007
What's New...and What's News!

Welcome to the Great Florida Vacations blog archive for September 2007.  We had a fair amount of new information for the Florida Keys.  If you haven't ever been to the Florida Keys, you are missing out on the "American Caribbean".  Check out the main Florida Keys page for more information.

Meanwhile, here were the new pages added in September.

Sep 14, 2007, Key West Things to Do - Great Florida Vacations

Key West things to do are quite varied, to say the least. From shopping on Duval Street, people watching and taking in some attractions, you'll keep busy for sure. And don't forget Mallory Square at sunset!

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Sep 14, 2007, Key West Glass Bottom Boat - Great Florida Vacations

A Key West glass bottom boat trip is a journey from the everday, and into the extraordinary world beneath the waves. When you come to Key West, why not take some time for a magical glass bottom boat ride?

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Sep 7, 2007, Florida Upper Keys - Great Florida Vacations

The Florida upper Keys are the gateway between Mainland Florida and the rest of the Keys. The further South you drive along US1, the more Keys atmosphere you get. What are the upper Keys? Where can you stay and what kind of things are there to do? Let's find out!

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Sep 6, 2007, Key Largo Florida - Great Florida Vacations

Key Largo Florida is the gateway to the Florida Keys; your first hint of the tropical paradise you are about to enter! It's a mix of mainland Florida and the unique Keys atmosphere.

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Sep 6, 2007, Key Largo Lodging - Great Florida Vacations

Key Largo - hotels, motels, resorts, where should you stay? The accomodations in Key Largo range from large chain hotels to quaint Keys motels -- with some truly exotic ones thrown in for good measure! Take your pick of Key Largo lodging -- it's a wonderful place to stay in the Florida Keys!

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