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Florida Vacation Spots for Families

Florida vacation spots for families can be found in every corner of the state. What do you and your family like to do? I've got some ideas for you, for all kinds of age ranges. From the best beaches in Florida for families, to resorts and attractions, to outdoor activities, you'll find them here.

Ready? Let's get started with some Florida family fun!

Florida Beach Vacation

Florida vacation spots for families.High on the list for most families is spending at least some time at the beach. But which beaches are family-friendly? And what about resorts that are friendly to children?

My first pick is Daytona Beach, because of the wide range of activities available. Not only is there a large beach, but there are plenty of amenities, like beach toys (rafts, umbrellas, banana boat rides, etc.), but there is plenty of fun aside from the beach, too!

My second choice is a toss-up between Clearwater Beach and Fort Walton Beach, which are both on the Florida Gulf coast. And although it's not a traditional beach vacation, consider renting a cabin on the beach at Bahia Honda State Park. And yes...the cabin has air conditioning, and it's loads cheaper than a resort room on the beach!

Need some more beachy ideas? Check out the page for a great Florida family beach vacation.

One more thing; when it comes to families, there is a time when you might not want to book a room at a beachside resort. It can be summarized in two words. Spring Break.

So from roughly Valentine's Day through the beginning of April, you might want to reconsider staying at the beach (it's probably a little too chilly then anyway for water activities).

Florida Attractions

Florida vacation spots for families - Disney WorldObviously, the number one Florida attraction for families is with the "Mouse Man" himself -- visiting Mickey at Walt Disney World in Orlando! Psst -- did you know that your can rent a suite instead of a room at the Walt Disney resorts? Check out the Disney All-Star Music resort for a deal.

I have to put Sea World high up on the list as well -- they have gone out of their way to make the attraction family-friendly, and fun for all ages. Here's a thought -- although it's a bit on the pricy side, you may want to check out Sea World Discovery Cove for an extra-super-special to spend the day.

One of my favorite attractions in Florida has to be Busch Gardens (after Disney, that is). Over the years I've watched Busch Gardens grow from a sleepy little attraction whose claim to fame was the safari ride, to what it is now -- an attraction that is both family-friendly and loads of fun! And if you like roller coaster rides...Busch Gardens has the best in all of Florida!

Want more ideas? Check out the Florida attractions pages!

Florida State Park Vacations

Canoeing at one of the great Florida vacation spots for families.Florida State and National parks are really under-rated as places to spend a family vacation, because they are fabulous! For example, you can explore underwater worlds at both Biscayne National Park and Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

And who can forget the Florida Everglades? I really like the Everglades Shark Valley entrance -- you can rent bicycles or take a tram ride to view all the awesomeness of the 'Glades. There is literally no other place like it on earth!

Most of the parks have concessions, where you can take an eco tour, rent canoes or kayaks, go camping, hiking, biking and more! Check out the Florida parks page for some great ideas on Florida vacation spots for families in the great outdoors.

Psst -- an entire day for a family at a Florida State Park, even if you rent a canoe or go on a tour, will very likely cost you less than you would spend for one person's entrance into one of the major theme parks.

Florida Vacation Spots for Families

As you can see, there is lots to see and do here. Florida vacation spots for families come in all shapes and forms -- kind of like families, come to think of it!

I hope you've enjoyed this page and encourage you to roam around the site for more Florida family vacation ideas. :)

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