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Florida Weather

Florida weather. Hurricanes. Snow. Earthquakes. Florida. Yes, Florida has had all of them, but not frequently. Find out more about Florida weather!

Oh, and you know we residents say about Florida weather? If you don't like it, wait 10 minutes for it to change. While that may not strictly be true, it sure does seem that way sometimes!

Hurricanes and Other Windy Weather

You probably knew that hurricanes pay us a visit from time to time. 2004 and 2005 were certainly banner years, with 8 hurricanes between them. That's kind of unusual, since one per year is usually the limit -- when we get them at all! Most years are hurricane-free (that's what I am hoping for 2006 at any rate).

Oh and here's something interesting. In 2005, we had a hurricane that developed in December of all times! It stayed way out in the Atlantic, but I have never seen a hurricane develop that late before.

We do get tropical storms and tropical depressions, pretty much on an annual basis. Both cause bad weather, and tropical storms can get nasty at times, but all in all, they are just heavy rainstorms. Nothing to get too excited about, unless a tropical storm is just below hurricane strength -- then I pay attention.

Hurricanes Frances, Jeanne and Wilma paid my house a visit, and it was not a fun experience. I didn't quite know what to expect from Frances, seeing as I had never been in a hurricane before. However, the sound of shingles being ripped off the roof is not comforting. Just as bad was being without power for a week - no air conditioning!

Exit Frances, hello Jeanne just three weeks later. I couldn't believe it. I didn't think that the roof could take another pounding without being destroyed. Still, I knew the drill this time. Up with the shutters, stock up on water, make sure there was plenty of gas for the generator and batteries for the flashlights. We still had plenty of hurricane food (canned meats, peanut butter, etc.) left over from Frances. Keep the TV and radio tuned to the news. Not to mention do some praying.

Once again, the hurricane struck in the dead of night. Once again we lost electricity. Once again the sound of shingles and tarps being ripped off the roof, trees crashing down and the roaring wind. But we came out OK.

One year later and Wilma showed up, in the daylight hours for a change. Trees that had stood up to the other two storms came down and we once again had to say goodbye to electricity for a week. We were fortunate this time though -- some nice cool weather followed Wilma, which made it so much easier for the cleanup (not to mention for sleeping at night). Oh, and the new shingles held this time - yay!

Let it Snow

Yes, snow does happen! Not often, mind you, and not in all parts of Florida. You're most likely to see it in the Panhandle area. However, I was here in Florida in 1977, when the big (practically state-wide) snowstorm hit -- it snowed as far south as Miami! It didn't stick, and there may have been enough for a few snowballs, but that's about it.

I spent my college years in Gainesville, and 2 years of the 4 I lived there, we had snow flurries. Again, no accumulation and it didn't last long.

I mentioned before that the Florida Panhandle does get snow from time to time. I'd expect that somewhere in the Panhandle gets it every winter, but I can't find any statistics on that. It's just my impression from reading the weather reports for around the state. I don't think there would be any accumulation.

Ice is another thing altogether. Since sometimes it stays below freezing all night (and occasionally all day), you can run into ice on the roads - mostly side roads though. Not often enough to put on snow tires, but on cold winter days, it's something to keep in mind.

Earthquakes - Shake it

You think I must be joking, right? Not really. I remember back several years ago there was a teeny quake off the coast that caused an undersea landslide. Our Atlantic-side beaches got some high waves....high for Florida, that is. In Hawaii they would laugh, calling them puny. The surfers loved it!

And to be honest, without someone telling us there was an earthquake, we never would have known. So don't let fear of an earthquake stop you from visiting your favorite Florida vacation spots!

Florida Weather, Ahhh!

For the most part, the weather in Florida is nice. Of course the summers are hot and humid, but the winters are great. In northern Florida and the Panhandle, you almost get a 4-course change of seasons. Springs are awesome up there -- between the temperature and the flowering bushes, it's absolutely gorgeous.

The Florida Keys is about the only place in Florida that is pretty constant, as far as temps go, year 'round. All the water around the islands keeps the temperatures moderate. Every so often you might get a cool (upper 50's) morning during the winter, but that's the exception more than the rule.

As for the rest of Florida, well, we get either 3 (Central Florida and Nature Coast) seasons or 2 (the rest of the state).

And summer is always one of the seasons!

And the Best Time to Vacation Is...

Hmmm, just about anytime of the year is great here, but depending on what you want to do on your Florida vacation, different parts of the year are best. Find out more about Florida weather and vacation planning.

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