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Key West Glass Bottom Boat

A Key West glass bottom boat tour is a must for anyone who doesn't want to get wet by diving or snorkeling the nearby reefs.  It's truly amazing, what lives in the sea!

The Key West boat tours aren't hard to find at all, although there may be a wait depending on the time of the year.  Winter months are the Keys' busiest time, so keep that in mind if you have your heart set on a trip.

Best Time of Year for a Tour

What's the best time to take a Key West glass bottom boat tour?  From late April through September are usually the calmest months, but in reality, just about any time is good.

What Will I See?

Key West Glass Bottom Boat, Sea TurtleNaturally you'll be touring the Key West reefs, and they are exotic and wonderful.  You may see parrot fish (the most common), shallow-water wrecks, dolphins, sea turtles, sharks and myriad other reef inhabitants.  Not to mention the coral reef structure itself!

Your tour operator will be on the lookout for interesting objects and animals, calling them out to you that you know where to look.  The tour operators will also tell you fascinating bits of information, like how parrot fish help build the beaches in Key West!

Some Key West Glass Bottom Boat Operators

This isn't a complete list of the tour operators, but will give you a starting place when planning your Florida Keys and Key West vacation!

Discovery Undersea Tours Key West::  A little different from the standard glass bottom boat tour, Discovery has what they call and "undersea room".  Basically, the panes of glass are set at a 45 degree angle so you can see out and not just down.

Fury Catamarans:  More of a typical setup, where you see down more than out to the sides.  A two-hour tour on a catamaran, the Pride of Key West runs four tours a day, for greater flexibility (and an increased chance you can get a seat during the busy season).

Glass Reef:  This tour is interesting because it is on a much smaller boat, and therefore has more individualized attention.  In fact, it will only carry 6 guests at a time!  Of course, it's also a bit more expensive than the large ships.  This tour also takes you to a "dolphin playground" where you can get in the water and snorkel.

Things to Know

For the two larger boats, expect air conditioning, restrooms and a snack bar. For the Glass Reef your snorkel, snack and a beverage are included in the price.  No air conditioning.

If the waters are rough, your tour will probably be canceled.  The waters are pretty calm most of the time, though.

Don't expect every creature in the reef to appear!  Unfortunately (or fortunately) they don't perform on request, so there is no telling what you will or won't see.  Having said that, you are likely to see a lot of interesting items on your Key West glass bottom boat tour!

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