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Haunted Florida Attractions

Florida vacations. You think of Florida and what images come to mind? Disney, Universal, beaches, warm weather and sunshine, to name a few.

But did you know that Florida has quite a few "haunted" attractions? Believe it or not, we do! And sometimes they are in the places where we least expect them....

So where are these spirited (so to speak) places? Let's take a look at where you can have a spook-tacular time.

Grayton Beach

There is a little place called Camp Helen near Florida's Grayton Beach State Park that is said to have a spirited young lady by the name of Rachel wandering arounds the grounds.

Rachel was the young daughter of the camp caretakers, and she loved swimming in the nearby lake. Unfortunately, one day she drowned, and is now said to be wandering about, looking for her long-departed parents.

Key West - Ghostville?

The city immortalized as "Margaritaville" has its roots in salvage and piracy. It is said that spirits are quite restless in certain parts of the city. After dark, you can take a walking tour of Key West and hear tales such as a German count who dug up the body of his one true love.

If that wasn't bad enough, he is said to have serenaded her for seven years (talk about an otherworldly attraction)! And let's not forget the haunted doll (no, not Chucky) who is said to be possessed by an evil spirit. What other stories await? You'll have to take the ghost tour and find out.

Haunted St. Augustine

Ghost walks also abound in Florida's (and the nation's) oldest city. Tales of slaves, murder and restless spirits haunt this city, making it the number one ghostly attraction (so to speak) in Florida. I think the most unusual way to take a haunted tour is in a hearse (gulp!).

You can also join a walking tour in the evening and visit places like the old City Jail, where the hauntings are most active, or so I am told. Many say they felt cold spots and the hairs on the back of their neck rose while on the haunted walk.

So...Do You Believe?

Personally, I believe that the haunted and ghost tours are a good time, and a chance to stretch your legs. The tours let you visit parts of the cities you might not have ventured into. Enjoy the stories and legends from the past!

Do I believe in the ghosts? Let's just say that I've heard at least one ghostly tale that I laughed so hard at that I cried. Why? Because I know some of the people (as in elderly family members) who would have had to have been involved if there were any hauntings. (Whoever came up with the tale probably figured that people who would have been involved were already ghosts.)

So while I don't believe in the ghosts themselves, I do believe that a hauntingly good time can be had by all.


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