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Honeymoon in Key West, Florida


A honeymoon in Key West, Florida can be so magical!  Just think, you and your love are in paradise.

Bright sun, clear waters, warm sands and sea breezes. De-stressing in the Florida Keys after a hectic wedding.

Now it's just the two of you, relaxing and exploring the wonderful city and island that is Key West!

Romantic Honeymoon in Key West

Romance rules while you are here for your special time.  What are some things you can do together?

Honeymoon in Key West, Champagne CruiseOne romantic way to spend part of your honeymoon is on a catameran sunset champagne cruise.

For two hours, you glide on the clear Keys waters in the harbor area.  When the sun sets, you can not only enjoy the colors that blaze in the sky, but also the sunset celebration on Mallory Square.

Here's another idea that's a little out of the ordinary.  Rent a convertible, put the top down and drive north on the overseas highway after sunset.  Why?  Because once you are beyond the island's lights, you'll see the most amazing sky, full of tropical stars.

And since it's already been mentioned...check out Mallory Square at sunset (this time from land).  While it's not a romantic honeymoon in Key West attraction, you will have fun and laugh together!

Here's a destination that's away from it all -- the Dry Tortugas.  glide through the warm tropical waters, seeing the wonders float by.  To get there, take a half-day tour with Seaplanes of Key West.  Based on all the reviews, it's a tour not to be missed.

Your Key West Honeymoon Vacation - Where to Stay?

You want your Key West honeymoon vacation to be special, and you won't be disappointed.  There are some very special honeymoon vacation packages waiting for you!

Consider Nassau House, on Fleming Street.  This is a romantic bed and breakfast where your package includes staying in the Queen or King room, a sunset cruise for two, one dozen roses, champagne.  Also included is bike rentals for the two of you for one day!  Packages are anywhere from three to seven days in length.

Honeymoon in Key West, ROmatic SunsetIf you want to stay somewhere ultra-special, consider the Sunset Key Guest Cottages.  For this, you'll be on a private island just a 10-minute boat ride off Key West.  Stay in one of the 1, 2 or 3 bedroom cottages on this lush tropical resort.  The atmosphere is very private and very romantic.

One more place to consider for your honeymoon in Key West is The Gardens Hotel.  It's on Angela Street, and it's reported to be absolutely amazing for honeymoons.  It's actually located in a private botanical garden, so you know it's romantic.  How about a package that includes massages, in a secluded part of the tropical garden?

Your Key West honeymoon vacation is something you will remember for the rest of your lives. 

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