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Islamorada Lodging


Here's something to remember -- Islamorada  lodging tends to be more scarce and more pricy than what you will find in Key Largo or Marathon in the Florida Keys.  

If you are staying here because you have a fishing charter (the biggest reason to stay in Islamorada), keep in mind that the best fishing tends to start early in the morning or continues past sundown.  This means you really do want to be close to the marinas.

There is some great snorkeling and diving is Islamorada too. And in fact some of the resorts have excursions to the nearby reefs.  Keep that in mind when comparing the Islamorada lodging options.

Islamorada Lodging in th Florida KeysIslamorada Florida Hotels and Resorts

Resorts are pretty much what you'll find for Islamorada lodging -- there isn't much in the way of anything else for Islamorada, Florida.  Still, Islamorada resorts come in different flavors, and with different amenities so you will still want to investigate a little and find the best "fit" for you.

The resorts fortunately also come in different price ranges.  And although you can sometimes find great deals, don't expect the lodging to be inexpensive -- it's not.

One thing you might want to keep in mind, is the 1) lack of public beaches and 2) number of resorts with a private beach.  So if basking on the sand is important to you, check to make sure the resort has a beach.

At some of the resorts, you can also rent a boat and spend the day out on the water, exploring Upper Matecumbe and the neighboring Keys.  If the Atlantic is a little rough, try bayside (the backcountry) -- it's almost always calm and smooth.

What Will Islamorada Lodging Cost?

Before I forget to mention it, there is a bed/resort tax in addition to your standard room rates. The tax is currently 11.5%. Please keep that at the back of your mind when planning your budget. The room rates listed below do not include the bed/resort tax!  You really need to think about this when planning your stay in Islamorada, because especially on a multi-night stay, that extra tax sure can add up.

The vast majority of the Islamorada lodging is along the Overseas Highway, a.k.a US1.  So, the best way to locate your resort is by mile markers (MM).  That being the case, I'll list the resorts in MM order, starting in the north and going south.  And instead of saying the hotel is on the left or right, I'll refer to Bayside or Oceanside. 

I've rated the Islamorada lodging according to this general scale (one room, double occupancy).  Please do keep in mind that these prices are subject to change at any time!

$  less than $100 per night
$$  from $100 to $150 per night
$$$  from $151 to $250 per night
$$$$  more than $250 per night

  • Islamorada lodgingLookout Lodge Resort, MM 87.7 Bayside -- This is an interesting place.  One thing you should know upfront is that there is a minimum stay required, anywhere from 2 nights on up to 7 nights, depending on the room and the time of year.  Another thing to note is that guests under 25 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (or at least someone older).  That being said, the accommodations are anything from an efficiency to a full-fledged suite.  Many of the amenities, such as the spa, boat rental and laundry have fees associated with them, but you do have a free concierge service -- use it!  If you have a choice, pick one of the bay view suites -- the "garden view" is more of a "parking lot view".  Some great rates are to be had in the off-season.   $ to $$$  Find best prices

  • Pelican Cove Resort and Marina, MM 84.5 Oceanside -- Hotel rooms, efficiencies and suites are all available at Pelican Cove.  Some of the amenities include a private beach, pool, tennis court and jacuzzi.  You can also dock your boat here.  You can also rent boats, wave runners or kayaks.  Pelican Cove is located next to Theater of the Sea, where you can arrange to swim with dolphins.  $$$ to $$$$  Find best prices

  • Chesapeake Resort, MM 83.4 Oceanside -- Mostly suites at Chesapeake Resort, but there are also some hotel rooms available.  Watery rentals include dive trips, fishing poles, kayaks, waterbikes and hobie cats.  You can also rent a bicycle and do some exploring.  A sand beach, oceanfront pool and jacuzzi and tennis court round out the features.  Something interesting -- if you plan on fishing, ask about their deep sea fishing package.  $$$ to $$$$  Find best prices

  • Days Inn and Suites, MM 82 Oceanside -- This is kind of a surprise, and a pleasant one at that.  Days Inn isn't normally known for, um, nice lodging -- but in Islamorada they broke tradition.  Now the Days Inn isn't a luxury hotel, but it is nice.  You can rent boats and jet skis, and they have bar-b-ques once or twice a week for the guests.  The rooms are spacious and many have been recently renovated.  You get a complimentary continental breakfast, too.  Oh, and if you are bringing a boat -- there is dockage for boats up to 21 feet.  $$ to $$$  Find best prices

  • The Moorings, MM 81.6 Oceanside -- Well, it used to be the best-kept secret in Islamorada, but word has been leaking out about The Moorings.  There are only 17 units, but they are all houses or cottages.  The Moorings is rather exclusive, and definitely pricey, but the word is...it's very much worth it.  They have beautifully tropical landscaping, and there is a large private beach.  A pool and tennis courts, too.  One thing to keep in mind -- rentals are by the week, not per night.  $$$$  Find best prices

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