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Islamorada Florida Restaurants


The good new is that Islamorada, Florida restaurants are quite diverse - from Argentinian to Japanese to Louisianna, there are all kinds of taste sensations. 

Stone Crab DinnerThe Islamorada, Florida restaurants tend to be seafood-oriented, but you can still find chicken and beef, if that is your pleasure.  There's also at least one restaurant that offers vegetarian meals.

Keep in mind that if you've gone fishing (or should I say "catching"), many Islamorada restaurants will cook up your catch for you.  Just make sure what you caught is the eating kind of fish!

As always, make sure you try the key lime pie at least once while you're in the Florida Keys.  But do also check out the dessert menus at some of these restaurants -- they look mighty tasty!

What Should I Wear?

Not to worry, the one thing that all Florida Keys restaurants have in common is the dress code -- Keys casual.  While you don't want to show up in a bathing suit and flip-flops, you also don't need to get dressy either...unless you want to.  

Cool pants and an island-y shirt for the guys and a sundress or pants and an island-y blouse for the ladies is as fancy as it gets!  Most of the time shorts and a nice t-shirt will do you just fine.

So What Will It Cost?

Excellent question! I've included a rating system for costs.  The standard is what is generally costs for dinner for two, including beverage but excluding alcoholic drinks, dessert, appetizers, tax or tip.

$:  less than $25
$$:  from $25 to $40
$$$:  from $41 to $60
$$$$:  more than $60

Since most Islamorada restaurants are along US1, the best way to locate them is by mile markers (MM).  Therefore, I'll list the Islamorada restaurants in MM order, starting in the north and going south.  And instead of saying the store is on the left or right, I'll refer to Bayside or Oceanside.

  • Marker 88, MM 88 Bayside -- Quite a range of menu items.  As you might imagine in a town where fishing is king, there are lots of seafood choices here.  However, you will find steaks, prime rib, chicken, sandwiches, salads and the like.  Marker 88 has a chef, not a cook, so food is more gourmet-style.   $$$

  • Picchi's 88 Ristorantino, MM 88 Bayside -- When I see "ristorantino" in a name, I tend to think Italian.  So it was a pleasant surprise to find Argentinean dishes offered!  Picchi's sits in a strip mall, but don't let it fool you.  The restaurant is classy and small, but with a big flavor.  Not into Argentinean cooking?  There is always Floribbean to tempt your tastebuds.  $$

  • Smuggler's Cove, MM 85.5 Bayside -- A relaxed waterfront cafe restaurant, Smuggler's cove is located in the Smuggler's Cove Resort.  Food is simple, relying on seafood favorites such as coconut shrimp, lobster and the catch of the day.  Steaks and some pasta are also on the menu.  What I'd like to try next time is Herbie's Bouillabaisse (I love bouillabaisse).  $$

  • Ziggie's Gumbo and Crab Shack, MM 83 Bayside -- With a name like that, you can expect a more Louisiana flavor to the menu.  Po' boys (if you've never had one, try it), jambalaya, cajun crab are all on the menu.  There is also traditional seafood available (i.e., not cajunized), but really, you can get that anywhere.  Come here for the Louisiana flavor that is sooooo good.  $$

  • Bentley's Restaurant, MM 82.8 Bayside -- The menu is memorable, even if only for the names of some of the dishes.  Dolphin in the Weeds looks rather interesting, as does Outtahand Lobster.  Me?  I'd like to try the Nutty Drunken Ice Cream...or maybe Chocolate Seduction (I am a big fan of desserts).  $$ to $$$

  • Squid Row, MM 81.9 Oceanside -- Of course seafood, but this is also one of the few restaurants that does have some vegetarian selections, as well as a kid's menu.  Chicken, pasta and beef are also on the menu.  A favorite of the locals, so you know it's good.  $$

  • Kaiyo, MM 81.7 Oceanside -- Here's something else, if you are tired of traditional dishes.  Kaiyo is a oriental-keys restaurant, and as you might imagine, the menu is inventive.  I'd like to try the Yakitori Combination, or maybe the whole tempura fried baby snapper.  It's a seafood restaurant with a decided twist.  Sushi is also available.   $$

  • Morada Bay Beach Cafe, MM 81.6 Bayside -- Another restaurant that does more than the ordinary seafood.  And another one that has a children's menu too.  I think that the Chicken Saltimbocca looks rather interesting, as does the Fresh Mozzarella & Beefsteak Tomato salad.  Come here to relax with some good food.  $$$

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