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Key Largo Lodging


Key Largo lodging runs the gamut from no frills to outrageously unique.  I mean, where else can you spend the night underwater even if you don't have gills?

The Key Largo hotels and resorts are pretty self-sufficient, with restaurants, shopping and (sometimes) beaches -- you almost don't need to leave the grounds.  Do come out and enjoy the rest of the island, though -- there is so much you might otherwise miss!

Key Largo Lodging and BeachesKey Largo lodging comes in all sizes.  Some are the familiar chain names you know, while some are Mom & Pop types.  I'll have to admit, I've stayed in both types -- big resort and tiny Mom & Pop.  Both have their upsides and down, so decide what you want for your Florida Keys vacation. 

One thing that Key Largo doesn't have a lot of is beaches.  Actually, the Florida Keys as a whole don't have a lot in the beach department.  However, don't despair -- several hotels and resorts in Key Largo have their own beach.  Keep that in mind if you will feel deprived without one!

Key Largo Lodging Options:  Unique Motels, Luxury or...Something Else?

A word of warning (or maybe just a cautionary note).  The non-chain accomodation in Key Largo, Florida can be very exclusive and romantic...or it can be just a place to rest after a long day enjoying yourself.  I'm including both kinds, but keep in mind what would really make you happy.

The best way to locate your accommodation in Key Largo (hotel, motel, resort) is by mile markers (MM).  Therefore, I'll list the shopping in MM order, starting in the north and going south.  And instead of saying the store is on the left or right, I'll refer to Bayside or Oceanside.

For your convenience, I've rated the Key Largo lodging hotels, motels, resorts, etc. according to this general scale (one room, double occupancy):

$  less than $100 per night
$$  from $100 to $150 per night
$$$  from $151 to $250 per night
$$$$  more than $250 per night

  • Kelly's on the Bay, MM 104.2 Bayside -- If you are into diving, this is a great place to stay.  Dive boats are ready to whisk you away into Pennekamp for some awesome underwater action.  Not super-fancy, but clean and bright.  $ to $$$

  • Key Largo Bay Beach Resort, MM 103.8 Bayside -- Located near Pennekamp this is both a chain hotel and a resort all in one.  It's big and busy and has all manner of amenities.  As with any resort worth it's salt, the Marriott Key Largo Bay Beach Resort has a restaurant, nightclub, tiki bar, pool and much more.  You can also rent a personal watercraft or take a parasailing ride!  Now, I have to say that while this resort isn't for everyone (it's big, can be crowded and can be pricy), it is its own little world.  If you have kids, this may be for you (lots to do on-site).   $$$ to $$$$   Check prices and availability.

  • Jules' Undersea Lodge, MM 103.2 Oceanside -- Yes, this is where you can spend the night underwater!  You do have to be a diver to partake of this (the entrance is 21 feet underwater), but the view of the passing parade (fish and other sealife) is amazing!  A word of warning -- this is an exceedingly expensive place to stay, and the charge is by person, not per room.  On the other hand, where else can you do something like this?  $$$$+++

  • Key Largo Resort at Manatee Bay, MM 102 Bayside -- This used to be the old Howard Johnson resort which has been overhauled and upgraded and changed to Hampton Inn.  Key Largo Resort at Manatee Bay has its own beach for your swimming and sunning pleasure.  It's not one of the luxury resorts, but then again, it's not a luxury price, either. Just a decent place to stay for a reasonable price.   $ to $$$  Check prices and availability.

  • Largo Lodge, MM 101.7 Bayside -- Largo Lodge is a wonderful place to relax.  The setting is tropical and romantic, and also private -- there are only 7 units available for rent.  But they are little apartments, and not just a hotel room.  You can dock your boat here, but I don't recommend launching it here.  This is an adults-only lodging, so no children are permitted.  Keep in mind, however, that while Largo Lodge is small and private, it is older than many of the resorts and hotels in the area, and with fewer amenities.  Then again, it's also less expensive.   $$   Check prices and availability

  • Marina Del Mar Resort and Marina, MM 100 Oceanside -- Actually, the address is really 527 Caribbean Drive, but you'll see the turnoff at MM 100.  Naturally the hotel is boater- and diver-friendly, but everyone is certainly welcome!  The rooms are a little of a mixed bag, as far as decor goes; as you might imagine, the lower-priced rooms are less imaginative than the higher-priced ones.  A heated pool, weight room, hot tub grace the hotel grounds.  Dining is nearby, as well as live entertainment.  $$ to $$$$  Check prices and availability.

  • Holiday Inn Key Largo Resort and Marina, MM 99.7 Oceanside -- There is plenty to do here at the Key Largo Holiday Inn.  If you'd like to charter a fishing boat, book a dive tour or just want to ride in the African Queen (from the movie), you can do it here.  Two pools, a fitness room, hot tub and more await you here.  The hotel is one of the older ones, but it's still a goodie, especially if you want to be neat boats.  $$ to $$$$   Check prices and availability.

  • Courtyard by Marriot Key Largo Resort and Marina, MM 99.7 Oceanside -- If you are beginning to think that this hotel and the previous two share the same marina, you are correct!  The Key Largo Ramada resort is a little smaller, a little more "boutique-y" than its sister properties.  All rooms have a private balcony or patio, and the room rate includes a continental breakfast and tickets for a casino cruise.  By all accounts, this is a very nice place to stay, especially if you can snag a room on sale.  $$ to $$$$  Check prices and availability.

  • Sunset Cove Motel, MM 99.3 Bayside -- This is a funky and fun place, more like a Mom and Pop motel with a definite Florida Keys flavor.  10 cottages and 9 motel rooms make up Sunset Cove and all kinds of animals lurk the grounds.  Well, the animals (lions, tigers, camels and such) are really statues but they are fun!  Most of the rooms have a 50's or 60's feel to them, and are clean and fairly comfortable (actually, they may have been constucted in the 50's and 60's - they are older).  There is a small private beach.  Here's the downside -- there is no daily maid service, and you need to fetch clean towels from the office when you need them.  Still, it's a bargain for the Keys.  $ to $$  Check prices and availability.

  • More Hotels! There are yet more Key Largo hotels and resorts, in all kinds of price ranges.  $ to $$$$  Check prices and availability for more Key Largo hotels.

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