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Key Largo Shopping

Key Largo Shopping can be as fun or as frustrating as you want it to be.  Don't expect to see malls in Key Largo, Florida, but do expect fun little (and sometimes big) places to exercise your wallet.

Since Key Largo is the closest major Key to the Florida mainland, expect more of a mainland look and feel to the shopping.  That isn't to say that there is no "Florida Keys" flavor to Key Largo shopping -- quite the contrary.  It's just not quite as eclectic here.

Ready? Set? Get out that wallet or purse and let's go shopping in Key Largo, Florida!

Where to (Ahem) Exercise the Credit Cards

I know that the next time I am ready to do some Key Largo shopping, I will head out to Key Lime Products and Tropical Gifts. I love key limes, so anything made from them is a prime target for my wallet!

Where else? Hmm, I think I'd have to stop by Gerry Draney Tropical Gardens. While I have a brown (or is it black?) thumb when it comes to plants, I still adore orchids. Who knows, maybe one day I will take the plunge here!

And my Key Largo shopping trip (at least for me) wouldn't be complete without a trip to a book store like The Book Nook (just ask my husband).

At any rate, you've probably noticed that most businesses are along US1 (also known as the Overseas Highway) and the best way to locate them is by mile markers (MM).  Therefore, I'll list the shopping in MM order, starting in the north and going south.  And instead of saying the store is on the left or right, I'll refer to Bayside or Oceanside.

  • Divers Direct Outlet, MM 106 Bayside -- As you might guess, this is a place for all things dive-related.  From equipment to gifts to ocean jewelry, here's the place to stop.

  • Island Smoke Shop, MM 103.5 Bayside -- For the cigar connoisseur, this is the place to stop and shop.

  • The White Rhino, MM 103.2 Bayside -- If eclectic makes your wallet itch to do some spending, take a look here!

  • Sandal Factory Outlet, MM 102.4 Bayside -- Just what the name implies -- lots and lots of sandals.  If you don't have any with you, stop here and take a look.

  • The Book Nook, MM 100 Oceanside -- And if you forgot to bring any reading material with you, check out what's available for your perusing pleasure.

  • World Watersports, MM 99.6 Oceanside --  For all things watery.  Gifts, videos, swimsuits, scuba gear -- you get the picture.

  • Captain's Imports, MM 99 Bayside -- Souvenirs galore here!  It looks like a little roadside stand, but it's worth a browse.  It's not just the kitschy items; there are also some neat things here.

  • Anthony's Women's Apparel, MM 98.5 in the Median -- Ladies clothing and such.

  • Pink Junktique -- MM 98 Oceanside -- Look for the hot pink building with the flamingos out front!  No telling what you will find here.  I've always been tempted to stop here, and I think I will, next time I'm in Key Largo, Florida.

  • Shell World, MM 97.5 Bayside (follow signs) -- Yes, shells from around Florida and around the world!  Really hard to miss this store, and if you are looking for some unusual seashells, do stop in -- what they have is amazing.

  • Key Lime Products and Tropical Gifts, MM 95 Oceanside -- Not just sweet treats but bath and body lotions, teas and more.

  • Island Hammocks, MM 89.2 Bayside -- Bring a little bit of the Florida Keys laid-back lifestyle home with you!

  • Gerry Draney Tropical Gardens, MM 88.7 Bayside -- Exotic orchids and bromeliads abound.  Not only can you enjoy the beauty that surrounds you, but you can bring (or send) some home.  This is another place I will stop at when I'm down in Key Largo next.  Orchids are gorgeous!

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