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MacArthur Beach Florida Trails

MacArthur Beach Dune Trail

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park trails between Singer Island and North Palm Beach, Florida aren't well-known.  What they are is beautiful.  Quiet.  And an intriguing walk around a sub-tropical Florida barrier island. 

Located just north of Palm Beach and south of Jupiter Beach in Southeast Florida, it's easily accessible, although for some reason, rarely visited.

The MacArthur Beach Trails

There are actually two nature trails in the park; the satinleaf and dune trails. Alas, the Butterfly Garden trail is no more.

Of the two remaining, the dune tralis are the most interesting -- if for no other reason than while you enjoy your stroll, you can hear the sound of the ocean.

However, the dune trail involves a 600-yard walk across Lake Worth Cove on a boardwalk to reach it.

Here are the trails in John D. MacArthur Beach State Park.

Richard Weinstein Satinleaf Nature Trail

Located near the Nature Center near the park entrance, this tropical trail winds through a sub-tropical hammock. While not really on the beach, it is a maritime habitat. 

As far as the hammocks go, they are places of slightly elevated land, populated by trees. Think of them as being little islands on the land.

You can see mangroves (red, white and black) closer to the water, as well as cabbage palms, saw palmetto and gumbo limbo trees, among others.

MacArthur Beach TrailsThere's the possibility of seeing a raccoon or two, some squirrels, as well as plenty of butterflies. 

MacArthur Beach Dune Trail 

This trail runs along the west side of the sand dunes that separate the Atlantic Ocean from Lake Worth Cove. 

To get to the dune trail, you have to cross the boardwalk over Lake Worth Cove, which is roughly 600 yards long.  However, since the whole idea is to take a walk or hike, it's little problem.  And if you're tired on the way back, you can catch the golf cart ride back to the Nature Center and parking lot.

When you reach the dune area from the boardwalk, you'll be at the north end of the trail.  Follow it south and there's a good chance that you'll be alone much of the time.

MacArthur Beach Trail BerriesYou'll see mangroves. sea grapes, cabbage palms, saw palmetto, rougeberries, buttonwood and more.

When you reach the end of the trail, you can climb the stairs to the upper boardwalk to the beach, which tends to be quiet and beautiful.

Walk on the Beach

There are almost two miles of beach to walk, too!   The beach sand isn't terribly wide, but the sand is pretty well-packed, especially down by the water.  You won't have to dodge a lot of people, either!

Ranger Walks

In addition, a daily guided walk is available at 10:00 AM. There is no extra charge for the guided walk. Please meet at the Visitors Center at least 10 minutes ahead of time.

For directions from North Palm Beach, Florida, as well as times the park is open, see the main John D. MacArthur Beach State Park page.

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