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Marathon Florida Restaurants


Marathon restaurants are varied and wonderful.  All kinds of foods are here, ready to tempt your tastbuds! 

There are quaint Keys-style roadside diners, and then there are elegant restaurants in Marathon.  Of course there's always fast food chains and sports bars, too.  Most of the Marathon restaurants are casual. 

Slice of Key Lime PieCool pants and an island-y shirt for the guys and a sundress or pants and an island-y blouse for the ladies is as dressy as it gets!  Most of the time shorts and a nice t-shirt will do you just fine, especially at breakfast. Just don't show up in a bathing suit, and you'll very likely be fine.

The Food in Marathon, Florida Restaurants

What kinds of foods can you expect?  Seafood, of course, and Key Lime pie.  What else?  How about Cuban meals?  Continental cuisine?  A good American-style steak and potatoes dinner?  Yes, they are all here in Marathon Florida restaurants.

Do you have a fishing charter lined up?  There's even a restaurant that opens really early for breakfast, just so you can go to your boat with a full stomach.

You're in the Florida Keys, so even if you're usually not thrilled by seafood, you really should try some while you're here.  It's very fresh and very tasty.

A note about key lime pie: while it's not likely in the Keys, if you stumble upon a restaurant that serves green key lime pie -- send it back. Ripe key limes are a pale yellow-green (more yellow than green).  If the pie at the restaurant is green, they'd added food coloring and who knows what else.

Where Are the Restaurants?

To help you decide on where to eat in Marathon, I've included a rating system for costs.  The standard is what is generally costs for dinner for two, including beverage but excluding alcoholic drinks, dessert, appetizers, tax or tip.

$:  less than $25
$$:  from $25 to $40
$$$:  from $41 to $60
$$$$:  more than $60

Marathon restaurants are along US1 (also known as the Overseas Highway) so the best way to find them is by mile markers (MM).  Therefore, I'll list the shopping in MM order, starting at MM 59 and going south.  And instead of saying the place to eat is on the left or right, I'll refer to Bayside or Oceanside.

  • The Wreck & Galley Grill, MM 59 Bayside -- This nautically-themed restaurant is actually located on Grassy Key.  Where can you find the largest buffalo wings in the Florida Keys?  You guessed it!  Along with wings, the menu includes burgers, blackened or grilled sandwiches and more.  And don't overlook the all-you-can-eat nights, for when you are famished!  $ to $$

  • Hideaway Cafe, MM 58 Oceanside -- Continental cooking in the Florida Keys!  This restaurant prides itself on both its food and its gorgeous ocean views.  The dinner menu is scrumptious -- beef, chicken, duck, lamb, seafood -- it's all here.  If you feel like splurging with a fine meal, do it at the Hideaway.  $$$$

  • Key Colony Inn, MM 54 Oceanside -- Are you hungry but you don't know what you are hungry for?  Come to Key Colony Inn, where at last count there were about 75 entrees listed on their menu.  From pasta to chicken to seafood to steaks, you're sure to find something to please.  Your biggest problem will be actually making the decision!  The food is good, and there is lots of it so you won't leave hungry.  Key Colony Inn is usually pretty crowded, so unless you come very early, your best bet is a reservation.  $$

  • The Island Tiki Bar and Restaurant, MM 54 Bayside -- Here's another restaurant with a sizeable menu.  Seafood is its specialty, but you'll find steaks, sandwiches and salads if you aren't in a seafood mood.  Waterfront dining, inside or outdoors, you'll find the atmosphere very casual and relaxed.  And if you're looking for some nachos, and a margarita, try them here!  $ to $$

  • Don Pedro's Restaurant, MM 53 Oceanside -- If you're thinking Mexican food, you're pointing in the wrong direction.  Don Pedro's is Cuban cooking at its finest.  You have to try the sweet plantains -- they are sooo good (and they come with the meal)!   Spicy cooking is here for those who dare.  If you're wanting coffee with your lunch or dinner, keep in mind that Cuban coffee is exceedingly strong -- you can practically get a caffeine buzz from just smelling it!  $

  • Shucker's Raw Bar and Grill, MM 50.5 Bayside -- This is a "sister" restaurant to The Island Tiki Bar, and have a similar menu.  A little different atmosphere, kind of "indoors tropical".  You'll find a nice children's menu here at Shucker's, and the casual dining and light foods make for a great family lunch or dinner.  $

  • Village Cafe, MM 50.5 Bayside -- Here's somewhere to tame your craving for some good Italian food.  Pasta and pizza, naturally, as well as daily specials.  One of the few restaurants that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  (No, you won't be forced to eat pasta for breakfast.)  A generally all-around nice place to eat.  $$

  • Herbie's, MM 50.3 Bayside -- A little Keys-style roadside diner, Herbie's has some of the best conch chowder you are likely to have.  A tiny and very casual restaurant, Herbie's is popular with the locals (so you know the food has to be good).  If you've been lucky enough to catch your dinner out of the water, Herbie's will cook it for you!  $ to $$

  • The Stuffed Pig, MM 49 Bayside -- The Stuffed Pig is a breakfast and lunch only restaurant, so if you're looking for a great breakfast place, you don't have to look any further.  What's nice is that they open very early, so anyone who has a fishing charter can get a bite to eat before arriving at the boat!  Hearty meals are the rule here, but egg-substitute omelets are available for those who are watching their cholesterol.  $

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