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Marathon Shopping, the Florida Keys


Marathon shopping has a double meaning, when it comes to this city in the Florida Keys.

Yes, you can browse the stores on this lovely Key. You can also have a shop-til-you-drop "marathon" while you're here!

There are a fair amount of places to peruse on your excursion, so get on some comfy shoes, grab your purse or wallet and get ready to do some power shopping!   If you were suffering shopping withdrawals in Islamorada, you'll recover just fine here.

Sometimes just walking into a store in Marathon Florida seems like it's a party waiting to happen -- the Goofy Gecko comes to mind! There are a few more of those to check out on your trip, too.

But not all the stores are high-energy -- after all, this is the Florida Keys.  In Quay Village, you can browse the afternoon away with soothing sights and aromas.

Most stores are along US1 (also known as the Overseas Highway) and the best way to locate them is by mile markers (MM). I'll list the shopping in MM order, starting in the north and going south. And instead of saying the store is on the left or right, I'll refer to Bayside or Oceanside.  (Don't worry, it will all makse sense once you arrive.)

  • Bayshore Clothing and Small World, Quay Village, MM 54 Bayside -- I don't know why, but every time I pass by Quay Village, I feel drawn in to shop and stay awhile. Bayshore is adult tropical wear, while Small World has child-size clothing.

  • Key Bana Resort Apparel, MM 53.5 Oceanside -- Located in Key Colony Beach, Key Bana has name-brand clothing for both ladies and gents. A large swimwear department, which includes the famous (or infamous) "tan through" bathing suits.

  • D'Asign Source, MM 52.7 Bayside -- This is more of a home design center than anything else, but I like to think of it as a source of inspiration for creating a Florida Keys look and feel at home. There's lots to look at, as their showroom is 25,000 square feet!

  • Wicker Web, MM 52, Oceanside -- Want wicker? Here's the place for you to stop, shop and roll out that wallet! Baskets, lamps, wall hangings, bath accessories and more are waiting for you.

  • Marooned in Marathon, MM 51 Oceanside -- If you don't quite know what you are wanting, check out Marooned in Marathon. Everything you need...but that you didn't know that you needed! Runs the gamut from Atocha jewelry to kid's stuff to t-shirts and more. If nothing else, you have to stop by for a browse.

  • Beachcomber Jewelers, MM 50.5 Bayside -- Yes, there is lovely jewelry here, and no, it's not just a jewelry store! Along with the jewelry, you can find Swarovski, hostess gifts, chocolates (yum!), cards, gifts and more. Definitely worth a stop -- I've bought some very unique and wonderful earrings here.

  • Food for Thought, MM 50.5, Bayside -- The name is great, because this is part bookstore, part health food store.

  • The Port Hole, MM 50.5, Bayside -- Here's an upscale ladies' clothing boutique to enjoy exercising your pocketbook in. The service is great, the clothing fantastic.

  • Goofy Gecko and Crazy Larry's Last Store, MM 50.3, Oceanside -- Located in the Publix shopping center, this is actually two stores in one. And because of that, the store is full of all kinds of things -- there is no telling what treasure you will find! Soaps, lotions, clothing, pillows, rugs...you get the idea. A fun place to browse.

  • Keyker's Boutique & Gallery, MM 50.3 Oceanside -- Keyker's has custom designer clothing for both women and children.  Several local clothing designers call the boutique "home".  If you're looking for something unique as fas as clothes go, try this place.

  • Lazy Lizard, MM 50.3 Bayside -- Located in the Publix shopping center, Lazy Lizard has the "souvenir-y" type items.  If you have to get a Florida Keys t-shirt, cap or other such memorabilia, check the Lazy Lizard.

  • Marathon Discount Books, MM 48.2 Oceanside -- Want books at discounts of anywhere between 10% and 90%?  Check out the overstock collection at Marathon Discount Books.  Also available are local interest books, best sellers, etc.

  • Golden Nugget, MM 48 Bayside -- Located in the Faro Blanco Resort, this is the place to drop some serious money.  Golden Nugget is a jewelry store with Rolexes, gold, diamonds and all manner of beautiful things!

  • Pigeon Key Foundation Gift Shop, MM 47 Oceanside -- More Florida Keys memorobilia, with a little bit of a twist.  The gift shop is in an old Flagler railroad car, and it is run by volunteers.  All proceeds go to the Pigeon Key Foundation.

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