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Choosing Your Orlando Discount Hotel Room


An Orlando discount hotel room isn't all that hard to find.  From the area around Kissimmee, through International Drive and then up into Orlando proper, almost everyone has a discount.

If you know where to look to uncover them.

Book Your Orlando Hotel Room Before Your Trip

There are advantages to booking your hotel room before your Orlando vacation.

First, use the internet to "shop around".  Yes, there are lots of travel sites, like Travelocity, Expedia and such.  You might think that they would have the same rate for a room...but you'd be wrong!

For whatever reason, the big travel sites don't agree on what to charge for a Orlando discount hotel room.  I've done comparisons and have sometimes seen a substantial difference between the services!

Orlando Discount Hotel Room, Save MoneyOne place you can go to check multiple services at once is TripAdvisorThey often have specials that the big services don't.  And to make things easier, there's even a way to search multiple reservation services at once!

Orlando, Florida is a popular vacation spot, so hotel rooms, especially a discount hotel room, will go fast.  Book your reservation before you go!

How "Discount" Do You Want?

So, do you want the best value for your money, or the cheapest room you can find?  The two are usually mutually exclusive.

When you have a tight budget and time isn't too much of an issue, you can try staying in an Orlando discount hotel room that's a little off the beaten path.  While the pro being the low cost, the con can be driving in the Orlando traffic.  Sadly, many of Orlando's highways and byways are in dire need of a face lift, so traffic is usually pretty tough.

A Last Minute Orlando Hotel Room

If you find yourself with a surprise Orlando vacation, you can still get discounts; here are a couple of ways:

There's a little advertisement magazine at just about every fast-food restaurant in Orlando, and it has listings of hotel coupons.  Do take a look at these -- I personally have had very good luck getting great discounts.  The only problem is that usually you have to walk into the hotel, coupon in hand, and hope they have a room.

And here's a hint -- don't try this during a big holiday season.  First, most of the coupons have black-out dates, and second, there usually aren't any rooms available at that rate, unless you check before 3 PM.

If you're coming into Orlando on the turnpike or one of the major interstates, you'll see billboard advertisements for booking hotels.  You can try these services; often times they can find you a great rate.  It's most useful when it's you've been driving a long time and just want to find a place to stay.

Your best bet for booking an Orlando discount hotel room is to make your reservations early, and to check around for the best price.

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