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Orlando Vacation Villas


Orlando vacation villas; doesn't that sound like total relaxation? You're coming to Orlando to spend some time, see some theme parks, and just have fun. Don't you want to stay somewhere that keeps the vacation feeling going after you've finished your day at the parks?

Or, maybe you have a big crowd, and you want eveyone to stay together, instead of in multiple hotel rooms. Yep, sounds like you need to step up to staying in a vacation home!

Options to Consider - What Do You Need?

Orlando Vacation VillasNow that you've decided to move on up to a villa, what are some of the options available?

Of course, it depends on if you are selecting a house or a condo. A condo will have lots of ameneties, albeit shared - much like a resort. You'll just have fewer crowds at the pool, and more room to spread out.

As far as a house goes, you might select one with a pool, spa or both! Screened and covered patios allow you to sit outside after the heat of the day is gone (minus the mosquitoes), or on beautiful, mild winter days.

For Orlando villa vacations, you might want to choose a house on a lake or canal, and have lovely views of the Florida scenery. Orlando has a lot of lakes and springs nearby, so if you love the outdoors, that may be something to consider.

Size Matters - How Many Bedrooms?

How many people are traveling in your group? That will affect how many bedrooms you'll be needing. While some Orlando vacation villas might also include things like sleeper sofas, don't count on it -- ask, instead.

You'll be able to find anything from 2 bedrooms up through 6 bedrooms, so there are plenty from which to choose.

And while we're talking about bedrooms, let's also talk bathrooms. Traveling with a group, you know that who gets the bathroom next can be a point of contention! You'll generally find that 2 baths are standard, but you may want to go higher if you have a large party.

And of course, many of the luxury rentals will also have spa tubs - talk about relaxing!

What Else to Consider in a Orlando Vacation Villa

You'll probably want to go and see some of the theme parks -- you just have to see Disney World, and perhaps Universal and Sea World as well. But maybe you also want to go visit the beach, go shopping, or explore some of the other Olrando, Florida vacation ideas.

So don't limit yourself to just staying in the Disney World area, if you have plans other than Disney. True, a lot of the vacation homes are near the theme parks, but not all are.

If you enjoy cooking, check and see what kind of kitchen layout is available...and if there are grocery stores convenient! If you're a gourmet cook and all you have is basic pots and pans, along with a tiny grocery store, you might not be as pleased.

Final Thoughts

When booking your Florida vacation villa, please check the contract before you sign, or provide a credit card deposit. If you're forced to cancel your booking due to unforseen circumstances, you need to know what the policy is for refunds.

So get ready to explore listings, and find your perfect Orlando vacation villa -- have a great Florida vacation!

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