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Panama City Beach Resorts and Hotels

Panama City Beach resorts and hotels come in many flavors. There are the huge resorts that are breathtaking in size and amenities. There are also smaller hotels that may not have much in the way of amenities, but have location, location, location! It really all depends on why you're staying in Panama City Beach. That being said...let's get started!

Panama City Beach ResortsSo what kind of resorts or hotel are you seeking? If you're coming for Spring Break, you may want to stay in a different place than would a family on a beach vacation. Or if you think roughing it means lack of room service! So before you plunk down your credit card, you'll want to know your options.

Staying by the Beach

First of all, know that beachside in Panama City Beachmight mean across the street from the beach versus on the beach. If there are good crosswalks to get to the beach, that isn't as much of an issue. But if you have your heart set on staying on the beach, you might want to double-check. Here are some resorts and hotels by the beach you may want to consider.

Chateau Motel: The Chateau Motel Panama City Beach is a smaller motel / hotel on the beach. While not fancy by any means, it's clean and the staff is friendly. It's also family-friendly and the prices are extremely reasonable!If you're on a budget and want to stay on the beach, you might want to check this place out first.

Shores of Panama: If you're looking for a more resort-y stay, you might want to check out the Shores of Panama. This one is more beachside -- there is a longer walk to the beach, but still reasonable. It's a large resort,with most of the standard amenities- pool, hot tubs, fitness room, bar, etc. It's a bit more expensive, but not too bad -- and sometimes darned good.

Days Inn Panama City Beach: Yep, it's a chain hotel, but Days Inn Panama City Beach has location! It's about what you'd expect from a Days Inn, and naturally it has good rates, even while being on the beach. If you're a fan of Days Inn (or a member in their rewards program), you'll want to check this out.

Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort: Definitely fulll of amenities, is the Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort! True, it's a chain, but a bit nicer than your standard Holiday Inn, and is more apartment-style with large rooms and kitchenettes. It's on the beach, and indeed, has its own private beach. Pool, fitness center, restaurants, playgrounds are on the property, so you really don't need to go off property if you don't want to!

Grand Panama Beach Resort: While not as resort-y as many others, the Grand Panama City Beach Resort is worth a look. If you're seeking something with standard resort amenities, such as restaurants, a lounge ,pool, hot tubs, etc. then this might just be where you want to stay on the beach!

Panama City Beach Resorts

I mentioned near the beach versus beachfront previously. One way to help determine how close you are is that most of the Panama City Beach resorts and hotels are located on Front Beach Road. Obviously, some can be on the oceanfront while others are across the street, but either way, you are very close. An added attraction is that there are lots of shops, waterparks, etc. along Front Beach Road as well. And of course here's where you can find all hotels and resorts in Panama City Beach!

There you go -- hotels and resorts in Panama City Beach. Enjoy your stay!

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