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Pictures of Florida Beaches, Page 2

Pictures of Florida Beaches, Key West Sunset

"Pictures of Florida beaches are so awesome that you can't help taking photos,and lots of them."

Pictures of Florida beaches come in all kinds, shapes and colors.

Some of the most picturesque are the photos taken at sunrise and sunset, where the glorious colors come into play.  The Florida Keys in particular are renown for their amazing sunsets.

But pictures can be taken at any time of the day, and still be great.  When the sun is up and the sky is an impossible shade of blue, the beaches are drenched with sunshine and the seas reflect at least some of the sky's colors.

Just about any Florida beaches are worthy of pictures, even if you need to catch some of them at just the right time of day.

And all beaches in Florida are beautiful, each in its own way.

Pictures of Florida Beaches, Long Boat KeyPictures of Florida Beaches

Here are a few beach photos taken from around Florida.

Longboat Key is on Florida's Gulf coast.  Located South of Tampa and just barely north of Sarasota, this is a lovely barrier island.

Longboat has become a tourist destination, and the beaches tend to be crowded in the summer and somewhat crowded in the winter, when the "snowbirds" come to Southwest Florida, to escape the colder northern climates.

Still, this beach is a wonder, looking out into the Gulf of Mexico,  The surf tends to be gentle, and the waters great for swimming.


Amelia Island, Photo of Florida BeachAmelia Island is located in Northeast Florida, at the tip top to the state, near the Florida-Georgia border.

Amelia Island has garnered attraction as one of the "Sea Islands" that dot the Southeast Atlantic coast.

As a result, this island has become a destination for wealthy people who would like a beautiful, quiet beach.

But the beach isn't reserved just for the wealthy.  It's a lovely stretch of sand and sea that anyone can enjoy. !



Picture of Daytona Beach, FloridaDaytona Beach is known as the "world's most famous beach".  While I don't know if that's really true, that doesn't prevent Daytona from being a wonderful Florida beach!

Daytona is known as one of Florida's most "active" beaches.  You can do just about anything here.  From surfing, to renting "water toys", paragliding and enjoying the boardwalk, there is a lot that can keep you occupied.

Of course, you can just set up your beach chair and umbrella and just watch the world go by, too! Daytona Beach is great for people-watching!


St. Augustine Beach PictureSt. Augustine Beach is located in Northeast Florida; It's north of Daytona and south of Jacksonville.

St. Augustine Beach is fairly quiet, with most people favoring either Daytona or Jacksonville.  But that's ok, because we need some quiet Florida beaches, too!

Like most North Florida beaches, St. Augustine's is wide and sandy.  Dunes and sea oats protect the beach somewhat from encroachment by development.

St. Augustine beach is also one of the few beaches in Florida where you can drive directly onto the beach.

Here are some more pictures of Florida beaches.


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