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Pictures of Florida Beaches

Pictures of Florida Beaches, Naples
"You could spend a lifetime taking pictures of Florida beaches -- there are
so many, and they're always changing."

Pictures of Florida beaches are fun to take and great to share.

The different parts of the state have quite different beaches.  From the rough surf of North Florida to the tranquil Keys, there are all kinds of seas.

The sands are different, too.  The Gulf Coast beaches tend to have soft, white sands.  On the other hand, Central and South Florida Atlantic beaches tend to have darker sands, and not quite as soft.

The colors of the water changes, depending on where you are.  The Florida Panhandle isn't named the "Emerald Coast" for nothing -- the waters are a lovely mint green.

In South Florida you can see some deep blue waters; the Gulf Stream is right offshore.

In the Keys the water is a beautiful turquoise color.

Yep, you could spend a long time taking pictures of Florida beaches and still not capture all the various combinations of sand, surf and color.

Pictures of Florida Beaches

Picture of a Florida Beach, Jensen BeachHere are a few Florida beach photos taken from ado und the Sunshine State.

Jensen Beach is the first photo.  Located on the Treasure Coast, it has moderate surf, tan sands and a blue-green water color.

Jensen Beach is a great Florida beach getaway, if you like your beaches on the quiet side.  While you'll usually see some people, there doesn't tend to be a lot.


Crescent Beach, Fishing from the Rocks

Crescent Beach in North Florida can be deserted or crowded, depending on the time of year.

A favorite of the students of University of Florida in nearby Gainesville, it can get very crowded in the summer, especially on weekends.

In the "off season", however, Crescent Beach is calmer, and has fewer crowds.  As you can see, it's possible to fish right on the beach if you like!

Try visiting the beach area just south of Marineland, where this fishing photo was taken.  It's a little on the rocky side in spots, unusual for a Florida beach.


Picture of Key West Florida BeachesThe Florida Keys in general don't have a lot in the way of beaches -- strange, considering that the Keys are a string of islands!

However, Key West has some lovely beaches.  While they tend to be small, like the island itself, they make up in beauty for what they lack in size.

Don't expect wide beaches in Key West, but do expect beaches where swimming and snorkeling are superb.  The water is crystal-clear, warm and inviting.  Especially after a hot day sight-seeing on Duval Street!

Kick off your shoes and stay awhile!


Picture of Destin Beach in Florida

Destin is on the Florida Panhandle, and faces the Gulf of Mexico,  The waters are a lovely green, and the surf is generally mild.  Not to say that there aren't ever waves...just that this isn't the part of Florida that surfers flock to.

The sands are nice and soft, and the beaches are wide in Destin.  It's a great place to relax and enjoy the beach.

But if you're not much for crowds, you probably want to avoid the Destin Beach area during Spring Break.


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