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Disney Pop Century Resort

The Pop Century resort is one of the Disney Value resorts, like the All Stars. However, since it's the newest of the Disney World Value resorts, the Pop Century is still a bit different.

The Pop Century is most affordable, seeing as it's one of the Disney World Value resorts. And the Value resorts are more popular, than the Disney Moderate and Deluxe resorts (probably due to the lower price).  Because it's so popular, you'll need to make reservations well in advance of your stay.

Resort Activities

The pools at the resort are huge, just like the ones at the All-Star resorts.  There are two pools, each with different themes.  One is the "Hippy Dippy" pool, with a 1960's flower power type theme -- cool in more ways that one!  The other is the "Bowling" pool, celebrating a game that was so popular way back when. 

Especially for the little ones, a kiddie splash pool is available.  In addition, there is also a kid's playground on the property. And before I forget, there also the Fast Forward Arcade, which is located near the food court. Plenty to keep busy!

Staying at the Pop Century Resort

The largest of all the resorts, the Disney Pop Century is very large.  With a total of 2,880 guest rooms, it has over 900 more guest rooms than the other Value resorts (which already have an awful lot of rooms to begin with).

The guest rooms are spread out in multiple buildings, and I do mean spread out. If you aren't fond of being far away from all the food and activities, there are preferred location rooms available.  What this means is that you are closer to the pools, transportation and the food court.  It costs roughly $12 extra per night -- you need to decide if it's worth it to you. Which it might be, if you have young children in tow. Or even if you get enough walking around at the parks!

As with all the Disney Value resorts, guest room entrances at the Pop Century are on the outside of the buildings, not along an inside hallway.  High-speed internet access is available in the rooms, for an extra fee (roughly $10 a day).

The guest rooms at this resort are roughly 260 square feet in size, and have either two double beds or one king bed (king bed available on a first-come-first-served basis).  The rooms are decorated according to the theme of the building in which they are located, but bright colors are the rule here! 

Eating at the Food Court

"Everything Pop" is the name of the food court at the Disney Pop Century hotel.  And like any good food court, there are a variety of counters from which to order. The fare is mainly salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizza and the like -- what you would call standard American fare.  There's also a take-out counter, so you can pack your breakfast/lunch/dinner and go.

Room service, in the form of pizza delivery, is also available.

If you want a real sit-down dinner, plan to either eat in one of the theme parks, or at one of the other Disney World resorts. You can take the Disney transportation to get there, but please allow ample time. Oh, and don't forget to make reservations -- the Disney restaurants are popular!

Other Amenities and Information

A few extras at the Disney World Pop Century resort include:

  • Gift shop (big one)
  • Laundry facilities
  • Concierge desk
  • Babysitting and child care services 

One thing to keep in mind when staying at this resort.  Since it is so large, with so many guest rooms, there will probably be a wait for things like a bus to the theme parks or in the food court.  Especially in the busy season, you may have to wait for enough room on a bus, so go early to the stop. 

Enjoy your stay at the Disney World Pop Century resort!


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