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Recipe for Kingfish Nuggets

My husband, who has lived in Florida all his life, came up with this recipe years and years ago. As he says this recipe is for, "People who like fish...and especially for people who don't!"

Seafood recipes and Florida kind of go together, and my husband is an avid fisherman. Kingfish is common in the coastal waters, and it's plenty of fun to catch! The only problem (as far as I am concerned) is that kingfish is kind of "fishy" tasting by itself, so it's not usually one of my favorites.

Except for this recipe.

I never thought I would like kingfish until I tasted these nuggets. And we have fed this treat to lots of people who proclaim that they dislike all fish and so far everyone has enjoyed it! (No we didn't tell them it was fish until after they ate it.)

How many does this recipe serve? Depends on if you want to use it as an appetizer or entree. As an entree it feeds 2.

Grilled Kingfish Nuggets

1 lb Kingfish steak
4-5 oz Bacon
BBQ sauce of your choice
Toothpicks (lots)

Remove the skin (if present) from the kingfish steak, then cut up the steak into approximately 1" nuggets.

Start heating up grill. Cut the bacon into roughly 2.5" slices. Using one or more toothpicks, wrap the bacon securely around the kingfish. Repeat until all kingfish nuggets are wrapped.

Put the BBQ sauce in a large bowl.

When grill is hot, put all nuggets on and let cook until bacon starts to get crispy. Once crispy, transfer the nuggets to the bowl of BBQ sauce & coat well. Meanwhile, lower the heat on the grill.

Put the kingfish nuggets back on the grill and shut the lid. Let the BBQ sauce glaze over the kingfish, approximately 20 minutes.

Whn this recipe is done, feast on the kingfish!

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