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Florida Everglades Shark Valley Photo Gallery

Thanks for visiting the Everglades Shark Valley tour gallery! I've selected the best pictures from my recent trip for your viewing pleasure.

I'm only putting 2 or 3 pictures per page, so that people who connect through dial-up don't have to wait forever to see the pictures. But I have several pages of pictures to share with you.

Although no photos can capture the majesty of the Florida Everglades, their beauty so enchanted me that I had to at least try. And wouldn't you know, many of the birds and alligators acted as though they were posing for the camera! I appreciated it!

So come on along, and let's start the adventure!


Entrance to Shark Valley, the Everglades

Enter the Everglades

This is what the Shark Valley entrance to the Florida Everglades looks like. I saw people walking up and down the entrance drive, taking pictures like there was no tomorrow.

The wildlife in the Florida Everglades is unbelievable; there is no where else like it in the world.


Blue heron, Shark Valley

Morning Swim

I can't count how many blue herons we saw in Shark Valley. The Florida Everglades has such a bounty of life, especially birds.

It is said that back in the late 1800's that a flock of birds flying overhead could block out the sun for ten minutes at a time.

Unfortunately, the birds are much diminished, yet they are still readily visible throughout the park.

Alligators, Shark Valley, Florida Everglades

Alligators Among Us

There were lots and lots of alligators in the Florida Everglades. This is there natural environment.

At one point the American Alligator was being wiped out in Florida, due to over-zealous hunting. It was put on the endangered species list.

I'm happy to say that the alligator has made a string comeback in Florida, and was moved off the endangered species list and is now just a protected species.

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