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Where to Stay in the Florida Upper Keys


Where to stay in the Florida upper Keys depends on two things; your preferences and the time of year.

As far as your preferences go, where to stay means choosing between hotel chains, unique resorts, mom and pop motels or camping.

As far as time of year goes, you have to watch out for two very crowded times.  First is the winter; between December and March.  The crowds are plentiful and rooms are scarce, especially of you are hoping to find something relatively inexpensive.

Stay in the Florida Upper Keys -- IslamoradaThe second time that's really busy is the lobster mini season, held the last full weekend in July.  The divers and snorkelers are out in force, and finding a hotel is next to impossible from the Wednesday prior, through to Sunday.

And of course -- avoid holidays if you can, as the rates can go up dramatically then as well.

Staying Outdoors

If you like camping, check out John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo.  Don't plan to camp in the summer, as it's terribly hot and humid.  Not to mention there are plenty of mosquitoes!  Your best bets are from February through April, and then again in October and November. 

December and January are great too, just more crowded.

Staying in the Florida Upper Keys -- Hotel, Resort, or Something Unusual

The first thing I have to tell you is that it isn't cheap to stay in the Florida Keys.  While you can find deals for under $90 a night, usually that's only in the Summer low season.  Expect more along the lines of $120 to $150 a night.

There are lots more places to stay in Key Largo than in Islamorada.  However, if you plan to do some fishing, you'll want to stay in Islamorada.  The boats leave very early in the mornings, or come back late at night.

There are some truly unusual places to stay in the Florida upper Keys.  The most unusual is the Jules Verne Lodge, which is underwater!  You have to be scuba-certified to stay here, because you have to dive to the entrance.

Not to worry, there are plenty of places to stay on dry land, too! If you like something fanciful (but not fancy) try Sunset Cove, where all kinds of animal statues are here and there on the grounds.

And naturally there are the large resorts like the Marriott.

Here are some lists of places to stay in Key Largo and Islamorada.  You're sure to find something that tickles your fancy!

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