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Sunset Cruises Florida Keys


Sunset cruises in the Florida Keys are truely amazing.  The Keys are known for their glorious sunsets, and being out on the water just makes them more incredible.

Imagine, you're out on the water as the sun sinks into the west.  The water glitters with golds and silvers and coppers, while the sky erupts with color.  A soft breeze blows, and your tropical day in the Florida Keys is complete.

There are plenty of places for sunset cuises in the Florida Keys -- every city or town has one or more it seems.  And in the larger cities like Key Largo and Key West, the cruises abound.

Key West SunsetA Few Cruises to Consider

If you're staying at a hotel, motel or resort in the Keys, you can get sunset cuise information at the office or front desk.  In fact, many of the resorts have their own cruises.

Here are just a few for your consideration.  Remember, there are many, many more throughout the Florida Keys!

  • Key Largo Princess Glass Bottom Boat, Key Largo

  • Florida Keys Sailing, Middle Keys

  • Atlantic Fury Catamarans, Key West

  • Dream Catcher Schooner, Key West

You may also want to keep in mind that pretty much all of the places that do sunset cuises Florida Keys also do regular daytime tours of the local waters.

While I don't know of any dinner cruises (although there probably are some), there are plenty of champagne sunset cruises.

Best Time of Year for Sunsets

Any time of year is great.  However, the most spectacular sunsets tend to occur in the winter months - that's when you see the most pinks and peaches. That's not always the case though -- there have been awesome ones at all times of the year.  You really can't go wrong with sunset cruises in the Florida Keys.

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