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Timeshares in Florida

One of the first things you need to plan for your Florida vacation is where you will stay. Have you considered timeshares in Florida as part of your trip? No, not necessarily buying one, but finding a timeshare for rent, to give you more room and amenities than a standard hotel.

Did you  know that Florida has more timeshares than any other state in America, with around 380 timeshare resorts?  This is good for vacationers because no matter where you want to go, there are luxurious accommodations available, when it comes to timeshares in Florida.

Many resorts offer luxury and classy amenities.  What makes a timeshare unique is its ability to provide those things at a great price.

Benefits of a Timeshare

For those of you who don't want to purchase vacation property right away, timeshare rentals allow you to "try it, before you buy it."  Timeshares for rent are available, basically, in all the same places as normal vacation property.

Captiva Island BeachWith many rentals you are not responsible for satisfying maintenance fees and you are not contractually bound to any commitment.  A timeshare rental can be a low-cost, hassle-free alternative to conventional lodging.

If you decide you are in the market for timeshare ownership, but still want to take the cost-effective route, there are timeshare resales to consider. A resale is a sale-by-owner property. 

Resales have distinct advantages; buying from an existing owner, rather than a resort, averages a 60% savings (a big plus). Also, avoiding a resort sale means avoiding the occasionally convoluted and tricky sales-driven process.  Resort salesmen often leave out important information a buyer is going to want to know.

Hidden fees and taxes are also issues that can be evaded with private sales depending on the seller. Some timeshare resale companies are very good at providing quality services that benefit both the buyer and the seller.

All that being said, are you looking for this kind of vacation accommodation? Timeshares are the perfect way to guarantee your vacation location, while saving money on some of the finest resorts. You can enjoy generous amenities, large accommodations and exciting locations. Timeshares offer much more value than other forms of accommodations -- definitely worth taking a look!.

Florida Destinations

Timeshares in FloridaThe state of Florida is the number one, most popular, vacation destination on the planet.   Because there is so much to do, see and be a part of here, it is appealing to travelers with diverse agendas.  Here are a few of the essential Florida hot spots.

(But don't worry if your favorite vacation spot isn't listed; timeshares are available virtually everywhere in the Sunshine State!)

Orlando is a world-renowned attraction area. Home to Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios, this city has no shortage of famed activities. Not many people realize that Orlando is one of the most common destinations for conventions and conferences. In fact, Orlando's Orange County Convention Center is the third largest in the country.  Many timeshare resorts have function halls and rooms to accommodate business meetings and gatherings.

Sanibel Island, in Southwest Florida, has loads of resorts. If you're into shelling on the beach, Sanibel and neighboring Captiva Island are tough to beat. But it's not just shelling -- it's all kinds of wonderful outdoor activities that make Florida such a vacation paradise.

Miami has been called the "Cruise Capital of the World." The South Beach district has beautiful beachside timeshares, and an exciting atmosphere that envelops the area. Electrifying nightlife, fine dining and unique activities such as sporting events and festivals make Miami an incredibly fun holiday spot.

Key West is widely known as the southernmost city in the continental United States. 150 miles south of Miami, Key West boasts a particularly mild tropical-maritime climate. Key West has rich history and culture that is completely unique. There are metropolitan areas as well as beautiful natural surroundings great for biking, boating and scuba diving.

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