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Travel and Vacation Resources

I'd like to share some neat places I've been on the web, dealing with travel and vacations. I've kept the list to just a few of the best ones I've run across.

These websites may not all deal with Florida specifically, but rather information that I don't cover here on Great Florida Vacations. I'll add to the list as I find sites that offer good value.

So take a look -- you might just find something fascinating!

Traveling Alone? Maybe you are wanting to see Florida, but you don't have a companion to travel with. Solo Tourist is an excellent site to help you be well-informed. Not traveling by yourself? The site is great for you too!

The International Crowd: Travel to Florida is a little different for you, because you will need a passport and probably a visa. Check out the US Department of State website for the most recent information.

Last Minute Vacation Packages: You've unexpectedly gotten a vacation, or even just a few days off, and you need a few ideas. Take a look at Last Minute Florida Vacations and browse their site. Not only Florida (although I'd love to have you visit us here), but other states as well.

Theme Park Fans: Maybe you're out west and can't get to Florida. Or maybe you're in Florida and taking a trip to Los Angeles? Whatever your travel situation, check out Vacation Getaways at Los Angeles Theme Parks for some excellent information! Mostly family-oriented, you'll still find it packed full of information even if you're traveling without kids.



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