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Florida Upper Keys

Palm Trees Florida Upper Keys
"The Florida Upper Keys are a vacation destination all by themselves!"

The Florida Upper Keys are one of the four areas of the Florida Keys - upper, middle, lower and Key West. Each area has its own atmosphere, culture and even vegetation!

The two major cities in the area are Key Largo and Islamorada.  Each has its own distinct local "flavor" when it comes to ambiance.

You'll notice almost immediately that there is less of an importance of "get it done now" and more of "relax and enjoy your stay".  Of course time does matter for things like tours, but the rest of the time is just made for lazing away the days.

These Keys are the ones that are most like mainland Florida - fast-food chains, hotel chains, store chains...you get the picture.

But wait!  In no way could you mistake these islands for Homestead or Miami.  It may seem like the same at first glance, but the Upper Keys have a special charm not shared by the mainland cities.  

The pace here is slower, the turquoise waters surround you and there are still plenty of unique restaurants, hotels and shops to keep you intrigued.

Sunny skies, crystal waters. Diving and snorkeling in warm tropical seas.  Eating fresh seafood in a quaint restaurant.  Sound good so far?  How about add in some tours (especially sunset cruises) and attractions into the mix?

And depending on where you stay, basking on the beach may also be an option!

From ultra-deluxe to shoestring budget, there is something for everyone in the Florida upper Keys.

The Florida Upper Keys Accessible by Car

Florida Upper Keys SunsetHere's a list of the Florida upper keys that you can drive to:

  • Key Largo:  Gateway to the Upper Keys

  • Plantation Key:  Part of the Islamorada area.

  • Windley KeyHome to Windley Key Fossil Reef Geological State Park

  • Upper Matecumbe Key (Islamorada):  Fishing capital of the Keys, maybe of the world!

  • Lower Matecumbe Key:  Also part of the Islamorada area.

Only Accessible by Boat

Some of the Florida upper Keys can't be reached by car, but only by boat; here's a list of these Keys.

Where to Stay

I mentioned before that you will find more chain hotels iin this area, and especially in Key Largo. 

Still, there are many places you could stay, between Key Largo an Islamorada. Check out a list of where to stay for the place that's right for you.

What to Do

There's plenty to do here!  From outdoorsy type of things (snorkeling, fishing, camping, fishing, etc.) to more leisurely pursuits such as attractions and tours. 

There are two Florida State Parks located in Key Largo itself, and two more parks are close by.  Take advantage of all they have to offer, which is considerable!

Here's a list of things to do in the upper Keys of Florida.

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