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Vacation Packages to Orlando Florida

Vacation packages to Orlando Florida are pretty easy to find. The trick is to find the best one for you!

You need just the right combination of price, location and amenities for your perfect Orlando, Florida vacation. But are there other things you nee to know before you go?

Yes! Here's what you need to check on when it comes to vacation packages to Orlando, Florida before you make that reservation!


Book in Advance

This is especially true if you plan to visit Orlando during the holiday season; last-minute reservations, when they can be found, will be sky-high. Booking in advance, however, can get you the best choices and rates.

Aside from the holidays, June and July are also heavily booked -- lots of people bringing their kids to Disney World on their summer vacation. But if you can wait until August, you can get a nice break on Orlando vacation package prices!

Booking well ahead of time can also let you better compare rates; sometimes even 1 day can mean a large price rise...or a huge price drop!

What Do You Want to Do?

You're going to Orlando, so I will assume you want to visit one or more of the theme parks. So my next question for you is this: do you want to concentrate on one particular theme park (e.g. Disney World) or do you want to visit several (e.g. Universal and/or SeaWorld)?

If you're wanting to just visit Disney World, your choices are to stay in a Disney resort or in a local hotel/resort. And here's a hint - a Disney resort is not necessarily more expensive.

If you're wanting to visit several attractions, you're probably better off staying in a local hotel/resort.

In either case, and this is very important -- if theme park tickets are included with the package, know what options those tickets include! For example, a Disney ticket with Park Hopper privileges is important if you'd like to visit multiple parks in one day. If you don't get the Park Hopper option, you could be spending a whole lot more than you expected!

A Few More Hints

Now that you have a good idea of where you might like to stay, here are a few things to keep in mind when evaluating the various vacation packages to Orlando Florida.

Is there a cancellation penalty? No, you don't want to cancel, but emergencies do happen, so yo uneed to know how far in advance you have to cancel to avoid a penalty. And watch out for a package that penalizes you no matter how far in advance you cancel!

Are any meals included? If you're staying in a local hotel, find out if breakfast is included with your stay (and if it's just a muffin or something more substantial). If you plan on spending more than 1 day at Disney, find out if the Disney Dining plan is available as an option (which can save you a bunch of money).

What about transportation? Will you have to rent a car, or does the hotel have an airport courtesy van to pick you up? Is there a free shuttle bus to the theme parks, and are the times convenient?

Vacation Packages to Orlando Florida

Whew! Now you know some things to look for when checking our the various vacation packages to Orlando Florida.

Remember to check out all options in your price range, because the lowest price might not be the best overall deal.

You're ready! Take a look online and find the packages that are right for you!

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