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Walt Disney World Parade and Fireworks Times

Walt Disney World parades and fireworks are two of the most magical events in the theme parks.  Who doesn't love a parade, especially when it's done up Disney World style?  And who can wait until the 4th of July to see a spectacular fireworks display, when you can see them every night?

It sure does help to know the schedules for the Walt Disney World parades and fireworks displays.  After all, you don't want to miss either one!

I'm going to describe the parades and fireworks here for you, then send you to my "sister site" (Great Disney Vacations) for the actual times. (And while you are there you can find out a LOT about Disney World!)   Here's the link to the Disney parade and fireworks times on Great Disney Vacations.

OK, let's take a look park by park and see what the Disney World parades and fireworks are like.


The Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom has two parades and one fireworks display, for your enjoyment :

  • Share a Dream Come True Parade:  This fun parade with its cast of characters winds from Town Square on Main Street USA to Frontierland.  This is a daytime parade, and you might find the easiest viewing either near the parade start or parade end.  At any rate, the part where the parade enters Main Street from Adventureland is usually the most crowded. 

  • Disney Wishes Nighttime Spectacular:  A musical fireworks display to light up the night!  Our pal Jiminey Cricket is the narrator, and none other than Tinkerbell lights the fireworks!  I really do think that the Magic Kindom has the very best fireworks display of all the parks -- very much worth seeing! It's visible everywhere in the park, but best in the Main Street and Tomorrowland areas (fewer obstructions).  
  • Spectromagic Parade:  Here's another way to light up your Walt Disney World night, with an electric parade!  I'm showing my age here, but do you remember the Magic Kingdom Electric Light Parade from the 80's?  Here it is, all updated!  Think of it as a combination of parade and light display -- it really is cool. 

Spectromagic doesn't always run every night, so if you have your heart set on seeing it, check the date you plan to be at the Magic Kingdom beforehand.



There is just one Disney World fireworks display (and no parades) at EPCOT, but the combination fireworks and light show will not disappoint you!  The last time I was at EPCOT, IllumiNations had a light show in the lagoon, a few laser demonstrations, and then a cool fireworks display.  I did see this on two separate nights, and one night seemed to have more lasers than the other. 

Around 8:00 PM, find yourself a seat on something near to the lagoon and wait for the show to begin.  If you wait until 8:30 to find a seat, all the good ones will likely be taken.


Disney Hollywood Studios

Disney Hollywood Studios has one parade and one evening celebration that has fireworks, dancing fountains, laser lights...you get the idea!

  • Block Party Bash:  This is the replacement for the Stars 'N Cars parade.  Block Party Bash! is a high-energy parade with actobatics, Pixar characters, floats and much more.  
  • Fantasmic!:  It's kind of hard to categorize Fantasmic! since it's a cross between a stage show, fountains, fireworks, lasers and...well, you'll just have to check it out!  Do be aware, though, that it might be too intense for the younger set, since it centers around a nightmare that Mickey has.  It all works out in the end (of course), but you might want to reconsider for the 2 to 4 year olds.  


Animal Kingdom

You wouldn't think that a place like Disney's Animal Kingdom would have a parade, would you?  Guess what, it does!  What it doesn't have is fireworks (would spook the animals too much).  At any rate, here's the information on the Animal Kingdom parade.

  • Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade:  Watch your favorite Disney characters dance and play through the streets of Africa, Discovery Island and Asia (hmmm, sounds like it's a long parade).  Hang out at the Dawa Cafe near the parade start -- it passes the cafe going and coming back, so you can see it twice!  


Remember, go to my sister site Great Disney Vacations to see the Disney parade and fireworks times.

(Or keep checking out Florida vacation spots here!)

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