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Walt Disney World Vacation Tip


A Walt Disney World vacation tip (even just one) could end up saving you literally hundreds of dollars.

You know that Disney World can be rather expensive, if you pay the full rates for everything.  But you don't have to, if you know where to look for the best prices...and the best service!

Top Travel Tip for Disney

Walt Disney WOrld Vacation Tip - EPCOTThe absolute best travel tip for Disney is to use their Disney Magical Express.  If you are flying into Orlando and are staying at a Walt Disney World resort, you get extra-special service from Disney World.

First, you're met at the airport. You don't need to collect your bags, because Disney does it for you.  Relax in a comfortable, air-conditioned Disney coach that whisks you to your Disney resort.

Your luggage will follow you and be deposited neatly into your resort room!  No lugging it around and hurting your back.

When your vacation is done, you can do your airline check-in at the resort, saving you lots of time.  You and your luggage are returned to the airport in comfort and style.

Oh, and did I mention that the Disney Magical Express is free to all Disney resort guests? This alone is a Walt Disney World vacation tip that is worth a lot, as far as time and stress go!

Walt Disney World Vacation Tip - Stay at Disney

Surprise -- staying at a Walt Disney World resort is cheaper than you think!  And by the time you add in what you'd spend on renting a car, parking costs, you can get a Disney resort room for the same price as a non-Disney resort.

Here's another tip -- when you stay at a Disney resort, you get free transportation to all the theme parks, all the resorts and also Downtown Disney.  This tip is worth its weight in gold, because driving around Disney can be very confusing (take it from someone who's done it).

And there is something more -- when you stay at Disney resort, you get that extra Disney service.  The staff is friendly, helpful and you're greeted with a smile wherever you go.

Disney World Tip - Spend Less on Food

This probably isn't really a tip if you're only planning a day trip to Disney World, but if you're staying 2 or more days, definitely look into purchasing the Disney Dining Plan. Why? Because Disney isn't really know for low food prices, but getting the Disney Dining Plan can help you spend less and get more. It's a system where you spend "x" amount of dollars for a discounted food package, and you get vouchers to spend almost any Disney World restaurant or snack stand.

If you're planning a Disney World vacation, definitely look into this option when you're booking your trip!

Walt Disney World Secret Guide

There's an ebook called the Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide that I highly recommend for anyone who wants to save time and money booking a Disney vacation.

Where and how you book your Walt Disney World vacation can mean the difference of literally hundreds of dollars.

I've personally bought the ebook and used the tips, and I have indeed saved a lot of money, so I am a believer.  (Oh and I used to work at Disney, so I can verify that each Walt Disney World vacation tip in it is real.)

You can read more about (and purchase) the Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide here.

Have a great Disney vacation in Orlando!

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